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The Church of Scientology is Blind to the Optics of Everything

Even as Scientology was staging its short-lived and phony “Los Angeles Faith Coalition of California” in hopes of convincing anyone that Scientology is ecumenical, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was engaging in his decades long anti-Semitism.

That the Nation of Islam is anti-Semitic is no surprise to anyone. However, how can David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology pretend to be ecumenical while remaining silent regarding the NOI’s anti-Semitism? David Miscavige lacks the ethical conscience and courage to confront to tackle this issue. He has instead silently acquiesced to the Nation of Islam while his OSA mediocrities engage in social media fraud and fake ecumenicism.

OSA hypocrite Ed Parkin promotes the US Holocaust Museum on Twitter even as he willfully turns a blind eye to the anti-Semitism and the Holocaust denial in the Nation of Islam:

Ed Parkin promotes the Museum of Tolerance and calls for religious tolerance and while ignoring the conduct of his fellow Scientologists in the Nation of Islam:

Scientologist Tom Cruise received a Humanitarian award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. And yet Cruise has remained silent on the anti-Semitism of the Nation of Islam.



OSA member Ed Parkin speaks at Scientology’s phony interfaith event.

Ed Parkin has become the public face of Scientology on social media by default; the Church has no one else to use. Described within Scientology as “Heber’s flunky” in his early OSA career, Parkin has risen to the level of his own mediocrity. Parkin staged a phony interfaith event that was attended by tens of people. Most of these people were his fellow OSA members and a few public Scientologists. The event proved an embarrassment to USC and USC Fellow the esteemed Doctor Chip Murray. The Church of Scientology publicly called Dr. Murray a liar over two letters the good Doctor denied writing.


The Church of Scientology uses child labor in the Sea Org & yet claims to be a humanitarian group. Real humanitarian groups adamantly oppose the use of child labor & fight for the rights of children to be safe, housed, loved, clothed, educated, properly nourished, and taken care of medically. How does Scientology fail to see the horrible optics of using child labor?


Christiana Michael is a fake Scientologist the Cult used on Facebook. The woman is the popular nude model Lana Brooke. Scientology was not aware of this when it used her image without her knowledge or permission. When we exposed the fraud, Scientology took down the fake Facebook page.

The Church of Scientology has been repeatedly caught using fake “stock photo” Scientologists on Twitter and Facebook. fraud. The Scientology Money Project has documented Scientology’s extensive social media fraud and yet the fraud continues:

Scientology’s blatant social media fraud fuels attacks on Leah Remini and Mike Rinder

Scientology Caught in Yet More Social Media Fraud! It Never Ends!

Scientology Narconon Europe Caught in Blatant False Advertising: More Scientology Stock Photo Fraud!

Scientology’s Social Media Fraud Campaign Tries to Defeat Google Reverse Imaging

Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley & Other Scientologists Lose Fake Followers in Twitter Fraud Purge


     Scientology Sea Org member and OSA Operative Taryn Teutsch

Although Sea Org member and OSA operative Taryn’s Teutsch’s attacks on her father Mike Rinder have been thoroughly discredited by the official Sheriff and Paramedics reports, Scientology continues to have Taryn and her fellow OSA operative Ed Parkin continue their lies on social media. As with the stock photos, this too is more Scientology social media fraud.

The Paramedics Report on Cathy Bernardini: Why Taryn Teutsch’s Fair Game Attack on Mike Rinder Falls Apart

Scientology’s Fair Game Campaign Against Mike Rinder Collapsing Under the Weight of Scrutiny

Church of Scientology Engaging in Social Media Fraud to Attack Leah Remini and her Show

Scientologist Stacy Francis: Using Fake Twitter Followers to Attack Leah Remini

Fake Stock Photo Scientologists Support Taryn Teutsch’s Fake News Attack on Mike Rinder

The Church of Scientology is a disaster happening in real time and yet Scientology has absolutely no sense of the optics. Things will only continue to get worse for the Church of Scientology in 2019.

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