The goal of The Scientology Money Project is to engage in the much larger systematic effort which results in the United States Internal Revenue Service formally revoking the Church of Scientology’s 501(c)(3) tax exemption.

The brutal and inhumane Church of Scientology uses religious tax-exempt dollars to engage in campaigns of psycho-terrorist Fair Game; the financial predation of its members; and the ruthless exploitation of its Sea Org workers by subjecting them to brutal working conditions, 90-100 hour work weeks, sleep deprivation, and cruel and unusual punishments.

Our goal includes the IRS revocation of the 501(c)(3) tax exemption of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

The author of the Scientology Money project is Jeffrey Augustine.

Augustine is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California. He is also a long-time critic of the Church of Scientology who often writes under the pen name of J. Swift. Please direct all correspondence to him at jeffreyaugustine@gmail.com

Jeffrey Augustine is married to Karen de la Carriere, a former Scientology Class XII C/S who served aboard the Apollo with L. Ron Hubbard. They live in Los Feliz, California. Karen’s Surviving Scientology YouTube Channel.

Augustine’s other projects include:

Surviving Scientology Radio Podcasts

OTVIIIisGrrr8!  –Scientology satire blog. When it comes to Scientology, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

Author: What Caused the Big Bang? — Augustine’s philosophy of cosmology.

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  1. Awesome work Jeff. Thank you for exposing more truth about this evil cult.

  2. Hi Jeff, Can you put up a calendar of your posts so I can move through them in date order? Its in your dashboard options or something like that. That’s a compliment. I love your work.
    The 2013 tax returns are due right? Somewhere I have a list of tax ID# I should go hunt for some ~ ill let you know.

  3. Hi Jeff, thanks for all your work on this subject. It’s fascinating. I have a question… I read that David Miscavige never takes auditing or other services considered so integral to being a good Scientologist. How can the church possibly defend that? What have your interview guests said about it?

  4. Hello Julie. Claire Headley, former RTC exec, told me on a podcast that David Miscavige is a stalled OTVII and has not been audited since 1993. There is no defending this and it is, in fact, a glaring contradiction. From a Scientology perspective, David Miscavige’s refusal to be audited could imply that he has overts and withholds on Scientology, Scientologists, executives, money, the IRS, his wife Shelly Miscavige, and so many other things that he does not want to give up in session. Alternately, David Miscavige may simply believe that he is above case and does not need auditing. Like LRH before him, perhaps COB believes he was chosen to rise above the bank for unspecified reasons.

  5. Mr. Augustine, your work on the COS is fascinating but can you or have you posted about your own personal story? In some places I have seen that you too were a high ranking long time scientologist but in most interviews you act as a sympathetic interviewer who has indepth but not personal first hand knowledge of the organization’s mechanics (at least that’s what I have perceived, and could be wrong having not read/heard all you have produced). It would be neat even to just add a line here in the “About” page telling about your personal experience. Thanks for all this effort.

  6. I would like to hear a discussion about tax laws as it applies to Scientology parishioners and whether or not their course payments are tax deductible. I assume they are considered charitable donations. Only cuz that makes as much sense as the rest of it. Good stuff. Jeffery

  7. In the US, “fixed donations” to Scientology are tax-deductible. So are donations to the IAS.
    This will all change when Scientology loses its 501(c)(3) tax exemption.

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