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Scientology’s Social Media Fraud Campaign Tries to Defeat Google Reverse Imaging

Critics using Google reverse imaging were able to conclusively prove that the Church of Scientology was using stock photos in its social media fraud campaign. Scientology tried to palm these stock photos off on social media as being actual Scientologists. As we reported yesterday, alert critics caught Scientology using a photo of the Russian actress Valery Fedorovich in yet another social media fraud. Fedorovich’s photo was used with the name of Alicia Selverson. Scientology was caught red-handed trying to change images of its phony Alicia Selverson.

Scientology’s STAND League is awash in this sort fraud and has no zero integrity as a result. The message STAND hopes to communicate gets totally lost at the outset when STAND is caught in such blatant social media fraud: The public doesn’t believe liars. Thus, Scientology has painted itself into a corner. If Scientology is lying about the stock photos then the presumption is that it is lying about everything else. Moreover, it’s hard for Scientology to claim discrimination when it engages in fraud; child labor; Fair Game; Disconnection; refuses to issue repayments as it promised the IRS; and uses contracts of adhesion to strip its own members of their legal and civil rights.

Scientology critic “Succulent Duck” reported today in the comments section of Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker that Scientology used “a new paint job” on Alicia Selverson. Anyone can immediately spot this as Scientology using Photoshop filters on the original photo of “Alicia Selverson.” The doctored stock photo is shown below.

The use of filters is clearly an attempt by Scientology to defeat Google reverse images. It won’t work OSA. Throw down your weapons of fraud and surrender. You’re surrounded by the internet!

Justin Templer Sr. commented on Twitter on another Scientology attempt to defeat Google reverse images:

Update: Rodger Dodger just tweeted me that Scientology has used a filter on fake Scientologist Rebecca Blair, this in an attempt to defeat Google reverse imaging:

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  1. “You are blocked from following @AS_STANDleague and viewing their tweets”
    Awwwwwwww, waaaahhhhhh. I’m soooooooo upset now. Somebody call the wahmbulance! 😉

  2. They certainly can’t have anybody who knows the truth about their fraud looking at or following their tweets!!! If I REALLY want to see them, I will.

  3. OK, so they publicly demonstrate that they are frauds. This is deeply wired into their DNA by their founder who was dishonest enough to to lie even when it served no purpose whatsoever; a guy who most likely cheated even on his prostate exams.

    What is a much more damaging reveal is the fact that they apparently can NOT find even a few “real” scilons who will “STAND” for this organization.Even since their fraud using phony cutouts has been revealed they don’t seem to be able to change direction and get a “real” spokesperson or two. Really?

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