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From the John Roecker Files: A Scientology Training Film from the 1980’s on How to Recruit People!

This grainy Scientology video was posted by our good friend and neighbor the film director John Roecker. The film is very stiff and stilted. Still, it’s worth watching to see how Scientology is just a sales organization. There is discussion about watching out for “refund cases,” insane people, and a lot of other things. Bad acting is guaranteed.

John Roecker was accosted in 2006 by by Jenna and Bodhi Elfman here on a street in Los Feliz. John was wearing a t-shirt critical of Scientology. Jenna screamed and asked John if he had ever raped a baby.

One of John’s many great projects is the Green Day film Heart Like a Hand Grenade:



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  1. “Heavy volume foot traffic past an org or test center is vital. They can’t live without it.” This is good news as it means all the Ideal Orgs will fail.

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