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Church of Scientology Engaging in Social Media Fraud to Attack Leah Remini and her Show

Above: Scientology STAND member Rebecca Blair is not a real person. She is a stock photo.

The Church of Scientology is engaging in outright social media fraud to attack Leah Remini and her show Scientology and the Aftermath. Scientology’s so-called STAND league is using stock photos to create fake STAND members to launch social media attacks on Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, A&E, A&E’s sponsors, and the courageous people who appear on Leah’s show. This is a scandal and a disgrace for Scientology.

Using Google reverse imaging technology, the Scientology critic who posts as “Kels” @kellykels_melbs on Twitter found numerous fake STAND members. This is outright fraud.

@kellykels_melbs first posted on June 11, 2017 that STAND member “Alicia Hairdo” was a Scientology bot, i.e. a fake person:

@kellykels_melbs then posted proof that “Alicia Hairdo” was actually a stock photo:
After exposing Alicia Hairdo as a fake, Kels was blocked by the fake Alicia Hairdo. It seems that even imaginary Scientologists practice Disconnection:

Fake STAND member “Alicia Hairdo” is based upon a fictional character named Susannah Fontaine-Williams. “Alicia Hairdo” is not even a real name.

STAND member Alicia Selverson is another fake. Again this image is a stock photo anyone can purchase. Despite this fraud, “Alicia Selverson” has authored many essays at the STAND website!

Fake stock photo Scientologist Alicia Selverson’s Twitter account was suspended after it was reported as being a fake.

Despite the fraud, Selverson’s STAND profile claims that she is a third generation Scientologist, a model, and mother. Impressive for someone who does not actually exist.

Fake STAND member “Eva Band” is actually the Italian model Chiara Ferragni:

Fake STAND member “Ellis Craig” is actually the model Gert Rappenecker:

If you expose fake Scientology STAND members on Twitter then the Scientology Cult blocks you from being able to see all Scientology Twitter accounts.

You will even get blocked by the fake non-existent STAND members as happened when Alicia Hairdo blocked Kells @kellykels_melbs.

The fake Alicia Selverson blocked me from viewing her fake tweets. Scientology’s STAND group is a lie wrapped in a scam and topped with fraud:


Bottom Line: Scientology engaging in social media fraud using  tax exempt dollars. Yet another reason for the IRS to revoke Scientology’s tax exemption.

Please sign and share my petition for the IRS to open an investigation into Scientology’s ill-gotten 1993 tax exemption.


Headless Scientolgists

Some history of Scientology fraud is in order to show the precedent for this current Scientology STAND fraud.

January 2000: Scientology critic par excellence Arnie Lerma famously caught the Church of Scientology issuing a fake PR photo. Upon close examination, Lerma saw headless Scientologists in a doctored photo.  Essentially, it was horrible photoshop fakery used to make the Scientology crowd look bigger than it was. Here is the first photo where Arnie identified an area called image 1:

Arnie enlarged the photo. As he wrote at the time of the image below, “and here is image 1 area, left to right, note people duplicated, note hair drawn on man head below upper square, note “headless” man right hand square, standing next to twin who still has head…

Headless and duplicate Scientologists in 2000. The Washington Post covered this Scientology fraud.

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  1. All the more reason to watch Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, et. al, and believe what they say. I find them to be credible, where I find zero credibility in Scientology.

  2. Ya all are finally getttin’ to the scientologymorons: fight hard, fight back, expose, challenge, document, film, file and go to s USA Court. Lose at court? Appeal appeal appeal. What is good for the goosr is good for the gander.

    Time and Time again the Real Truth Will Make You Free😇😂🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  3. That was my first thought when I was watching an episode of Leah Remini fighting back Scientology. I noticed so many empty chairs in the so called LRH birthday party. What a joke. Scientology has been failing for a long time and they only have themselves to blame. Brainwashing never lasts. The truth is rearing its ugly head. Look out Scientology, the devil is coming!!!! Nothing lasts forever, except GODS love and there are no strings attached.

  4. This goes so far beyond fraud & despicable acts. The people that break with this offensive cult are shells of their former selves.

    The cult of Scientology leaves these folks unable to cope & woefully undereducated. These are war crimes, with detention camps & prisoners. There is an enemy, it’s anyone who isn’t a scientologist & therefore Scientology is always at a stage of war, no wonder why David Miscavage is such a hemerroidal doucebag.

    That means nobody but them, can live here to have a pure & self serving government, Sounds just like the Nazis, only they targeted Jews, gays, disabled & so many more.

    This is a cancer in our society & I think Leah & Mike will go down in history as those that pulled the right stones from the scientologists foundation.

    I would love to see those that don’t leave, uh uh, Tom, John & Kirstie. Some fitting punishment. If those three came together & left to expose the church, it would collapse.

    The life’s ruined, the families broken, the rapes, the theft, are on the heads of those three celebrities from now on!

    The fact that these celebrities give so much to this scam farm, means they are insulated from normal church protocol. It means Tom Cruise can further the church by furthering his own career, let’s boycott all three until Scientology is gone for good.

  5. It doesnt surprise me the lengths that DM @ Scientology will go, people out there are gullible & believe “leaders” that they are doing the right thing which is the reason why they are being attacked. After all they have alot to lose “Money” their God.

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