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Scientology Narconon Europe Caught in Blatant False Advertising: More Scientology Stock Photo Fraud!

The ever alert Scientology critic Justin Templer Sr. on Twitter caught Scientology Narconon in Europe engaging in what is blatantly illegal false advertising. This is where European critics of Scientology should contact the authorities to report this matter.

Background: Thomas Pettersson, a Narconon Europe Staff Member, wrote a post in Narconon Europe’s blog with this headline:

I have now seen and helped hundreds of people to live and become drug-free

However, as Justin Templar Sr. proves in his tweet, these photos of the Narconon graduates shown on the Narconon webpage above are all Shutterstock stock photos. Thomas Pettersson is a liar and a fraud. He did not help any of these people as they are stock photos:

More social media fraud and false advertising from Scientology. This criminal organization has now been caught, once again, engaging in a lie. Because this example is one of false advertising something can be done about with the authorities in Europe.

Here is Justin’s tweet:

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  1. I can’t thank you Jeffrey & Karen enough for always keeping us informed with the Truth!

  2. Scientology must be getting a volume discount with Shutterstock by now. Surely, these photo rehab clients don’t even eat much canned ravioli, so they are a super-economical group to rehab. And very unlikely to overdose…or relapse when they become the newest
    staff members after they graduate from the program.

    Perhaps this idea can be expanded to include attendees at the next Ideal Org Opening. Living people will be replaced with life-sized cardboard cutout figures. (The cost of laminating should be included in case of inclement weather.) Plane fares and accommodations would be much cheaper and digital members won’t embarrass the cult by blowing shortly after the event.

    Bonus benefit: all Shutterstock members can be re-sized to a height of less than 5 feet tall, so no photoshopping will be required for the rope tug photos with Mr. Miscavige.

  3. I have noticed something about Scientology’s ridiculous “stats.” Any time they say ‘1000,’ drop a zero. With Scientology brand arithmetic, this guy has really only “helped” 10 customers, depending of course upon your definition of ‘help.’

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