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Fake Stock Photo Scientologists Support Taryn Teutsch’s Fake News Attack on Mike Rinder

“Alicia Selverson” is not a real person. Rather, the image is actually a stock photo the Church of Scientology purchased to create a fake Scientologist on social media.

Scientology critics exposed Scientologist “Alicia Selverson” as a fake person in 2017. Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs purchased numerous stock photos and pretended these were real Scientologists who were members of OSA’s equally fake STAND League. What OSA didn’t count on was Google reverse imaging. This allowed critics to download images of STAND members and discover these people to be stock photos.

Scientology was caught and exposed for using fake people in a social media fraud. One notable example was fake Scientologist and STAND member “Ellis Craig.” This “Scientologist” turned out to be the male model Gert Rappenecker whose image is for sale as a stock photo:

See our article on fake “stock photo Scientologists” and media fraud: Scientology Doubles Down on its Tax-Exempt Social Media Fraud

The Church of Scientology withdrew its fake stock photo Scientologists from Twitter when it was caught and exposed for fraud. However, Scientology is back to its social media fraud once again. The fraud was caught when Mike Rinder’s daughter Taryn Teutsch posted on her Facebook account about her visit to Walt Disney Studios. This was Taryn’s way of saying that she had gotten a visit at the Disney Company to lodge a bogus complaint about her father.

We covered Taryn Teutsch’s deliberate lies about her father in our previous article Scientology Sea Org Member Taryn Teutsch Engaging in Fake News to Attack Leah Remini’s Show & Her Father Mike Rinder.

The fake stock photo Scientologist Alicia Selverson — and another fake Scientologist named Jason Hammond — appeared in Taryn’s comments section to congratulate her on meeting a Disney executive:

Given that Taryn Teutsch lied about her father assaulting her mother Cathy Bernardini in 2010 — and the Sheriff’s report bears this out — we must ask what else Taryn is lying about. Did she actually get a meeting with a Disney executive? We hardly think so given that Taryn and OSA used two fake stock photo Scientologists to congratulate her on the alleged meeting. If Taryn had a real meeting she could have easily had real publicly known Scientologists congratulate her. The comically inept Scientology Twitter duo of John Alex Wood and his fiancee Gemma come to mind.

Taryn Teutsch and the Church of Scientology can lie all they want — and Scientology lies as the central principle of its own existence — but the internet will most assuredly find and expose their lies. Lying is ingrained in the DNA of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard taught his PR people to “effectively outflow false data.” For this reason, nothing Scientology says can be believed and Taryn Teutsch is proving this in the course of her Fake News Fair Game campaign of lies against her own father.

Fake Scientologist Jonas Hammond congratulated Taryn Teutsch on her meeting with a Disney exec. Here is fake Scientologist Jonas Hammond as shown on his Facebook page. Judging by his hard and fixed Scientology death stare he surely must be an OTVIII:

NB: OSA took down Jonas’ biker photo from his FB page immediately after I posted it here. OSA’s artless fuckery and use of fake identities show its incompetence in the world of social media.

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  1. See-OSA Flunk! OT8s do not need any stinkin motorcycles! As for Taryn, One day when she is as old as I am & looking at her children & their children, how will she describe herself? Oh a very Ethical OT but one who ran with a cob that would throw her under his bus for the slightest infraction. She is parroting his behavior & the attention this gives her is a driving force in continuing to lie in words, in photos & in her own heart, as she continues to pour salt on the wounds of Disconnection. Her father being her ultimate target. Very sad.💔

  2. Scientology’ relies on two fake approaches (OK, there are more…) to defend itself:

    1. Lies. While it is remarkable how “the most ethical beings on the planet” could even find it within their superior selves to go there at all, this is utter foolishness when these lies can be easily DOCUMENTED to be, well, lies.The question then becomes: Are they at an utter loss to let truth come to the aid of their cause? It appears so!

    2. The Ad Hominem and Source fallacies: Let’s assume–contrary to all evidence–that Rinder did indeed get into a scuffle with his ex-wife. What exactly does that say about the veracity of Leah’s show and the credibility of her many guests who have attested to THEIR OWN abusive scientology experiences?

    Or worse yet, if we were to suspend these logical fallacies, where does this leave the credibility of L Ron or “captain” Dave? Elron’s physical attacks on at least two of his wives are well documented. Dave disappeared his wife. According to the organization’s own line of reasoning, neither one of these two would have a shred of crediblity! No more “source” and cob had better resign in a hurry by their OWN line of “reasoning.”

    As pathetic as Taryn’s attack on her father really is it is equally apparent that this strategy is typical for scientology’s PR approach in general. With her ruse she managed to collect a few hundred signatures from the general public in support of her “cause.” The only problem is that wog’s have free access to other media/documentation which readily unmasks her lies. And when they find out there will be no one to prevail upon them that they did this for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Instead, these wog’s will be pissed as they have been scammed! A great way to turn neutral or even friendly folks into enemies! As usually, the cult is its own worst enemy by slavishly relying on the “tech” of its unhinged founder!

  3. And the fake “congrats” to Taryn’s twitter account are poorly written. Edit much, bitches?

  4. Gads, scientology and its make believe world… It is almost cute, their childlike shenanigans, as if they hoped the adults in the room wouldn’t catch them in their unimaginative lies and games.

    I suppose the real world should be grateful that scientology is so pathetic.

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