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The Paramedics Report on Cathy Bernardini: Why Taryn Teutsch’s Fair Game Attack on Mike Rinder Falls Apart

             Scientology Sea Org member Cathy Bernardini

Scientology leader David Miscavige has panicked with the approach of Season 3 of Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning program Scientology and the Aftermath. Eager to discredit the show, Miscavige has ordered an all-out Fair Game attack against Mike Rinder. Miscavige has even resorted to calling in Kirstie Alley for help.

Spearheaded by Mike’s daughter Taryn, this Fair Game campaign has been exposed as a Scientology social media fraud held together by a tissue of lies. Of course, this latest Scientology pack of lies is paid for with tax-exempt dollars courtesy of Scientology’s IRS 501(c)3 tax exemption. Please help by signing our petition asking the IRS to open an investigation into revoking Scientology’s tax exemption for fraud, malfeasance, and material misrepresentation of facts.


In this article we examine the claims made by Mike’s ex-wife Cathy Bernardini. Specifically, Cathy claims that Mike assaulted her during an episode in a Florida parking on March 23, 2010. Cathy further claims that the assault resulted in permanent and crippling injury to her right shoulder. This is the story that “Clickfarm Taryn” Teutsch has been unsuccessfully trying to peddle with the help of fake social media followers purchased by Scientology.


Scientology used its own website to place the Pinellas County Emergency Medical Services Patient Care Report on Cathy Bernardini into the public domain. As a public domain document we are free to examine and repost it here.

A paramedics report is colloquially known as the “paramedics run sheet” or just the “run sheet.” In this article we look at the paramedics run sheet to get the facts. We begin with the first page of the run sheet. We use red arrows to draw the reader’s attention to two pertinent areas we cover in this article.

In the upper right hand corner we learn that the Paramedics were called at 12:28 PM on March 23, 2010 and arrived on scene at 12:34 PM. The paramedics examined Cathy Bernardini and applied a gauze dressing to her right forearm.

The Paramedics were then available for another call at 12:58 PM. The actual time the paramedics spent on scene was 24 minutes. Over against this, Scientology claims that Cathy Bernardini was severely injured. Scientology asks us to believe that the paramedics spent only 24 minutes on scene treating a severely injured person. Read on as the Scientology saga becomes more absurd and breaks down upon examination.


The paramedics asked Cathy to rate her pain or distress on a scale from 0-10. Cathy Bernardini told the paramedics that her pain or distress level was 2. The paramedics recorded the Pain or Distress Level on their run sheet and noted that the patient herself was the “history source” of the pain or distress level of 2:

In Cathy Bernardini’s Fair Game video on Mike she describes an excruciating and vicious attack during which she could hear bones crunching. This contradicts her telling the paramedics on scene that her pain level was 2 on a scale of 0-10. Indeed, the run sheet shows that Cathy had only a “skin tear” on her right forearm:

Nowhere in the above diagram did the paramedics note any problems with Cathy’s right shoulder. Cathy’s claim to have heard her “bones crunching” does not jibe with the paramedics reporting only a skin tear and Cathy herself reporting her pain level as 2. Moreover, Cathy did not tell the paramedics that her right shoulder had been injured.


Based upon Cathy Bernardini’s own statements, the paramedics rated the severity of Cathy’s injury in the Green Zone:

In the Pinellas County Medical Operations Manual, paramedics rate a patient’s condition as follows:

If Cathy had been “severely injured” as she claimed, she would have minimally been rated in the yellow zone. But no. Cathy’s condition was Green Zone: “Non-Urgent; requiring care in a reasonable amount of time, but will likely not suffer adverse effects from a limited delay in definitive care.”


The paramedics run sheet shows Cathy to have a soft tissue injury on her right forearm and nothing else. There is no mention of a crippling shoulder injury nor did Cathy Bernardini report such an injury at the scene. The evidence is completely at odds with Taryn Teutsch’s and Cathy Bernardini’s manufactured tale of a crippling assault that permanently disabled Cathy’s shoulder.

To this point, paramedics are legally obligated to report all criminal assaults to the police. The paramedics at the scene made no such report to the police. This is corroborated by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department report that dismissed the matter as “incidental contact.”

It is crucial to note that Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies were at the scene. The deputies had been called after the Scientologists attempted to forcibly enter a doctor’s office in order to follow Mike Rinder into the office — this in an attempt to continue their screaming and profane-laden harassment of Mike. Mike had entered the doctor’s office to escape the mob and get to his fiance Christie Collbran who was being treated in the doctor’s office. When the doctor’s staff ordered the unruly Scientology mob leave the office — which office was private property — the mob refused and the police had to be called.

The Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, interviewed all parties, and examined Cathy Bernardini. The deputies conferred with the paramedics. A deputy on scene even signed Cathy’s medical release as one of the two required witnesses. The deputies concluded there was no assault and wrote in their official report that the matter was non-criminal in nature. Taryn and Cathy’s story falls apart on this point alone.

We note that Cathy Bernardini never filed a personal injury lawsuit against Mike Rinder. Cathy had five people with her in the Scientology lynch mob that day and they were all eyewitnesses. Except for Cathy and Taryn, none of the other Scientologists present that day have made videos corroborating Cathy and Taryn’s claims.


Under Pinellas County law, paramedics are required to transport all patients to the “closest appropriate hospital emergency department.” Here is the text from the manual:

The paramedics run sheet notes that Cathy Bernardini was ambulatory at the scene. After evaluating Cathy the paramedics, per policy, presumed that Cathy needed transport to closest appropriate hospital emergency department.

As we read in the run sheet, however, Cathy Bernardini twice refused transport to a hospital emergency department:

Cathy (Rinder) Bernardini also signed the run sheet section to indicate her individual refusal for ambulance transportation. Bernardini further signed the Release of Medical Assistance on the run sheet. Cathy refusal’s to be transported to an emergency room and her Release of Medical Assistance were witnessed and signed by a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) deputy and a member of the paramedics (EMS) crew:

The evidence on the paramedics run sheet and Bernardini’s signed refusal to be transported and signed Release of Medial Assistance leads us to ask two key questions: If Cathy Bernardini was the victim of vicious and crippling assault as she and her daughter Taryn so dramatically claim, then why did Cathy report a pain level of only 2 and twice refuse to be transported to the nearest hospital emergency room? Certainly an actual victim of a brutal and crippling attack would report a very high pain level and would want to be rushed to the nearest emergency room for emergency treatment. The glaring discrepancies between what Cathy Bernardini claims now in her Fair Game attacks in 2018 versus what actually happened in 2010 are extremely significant.

Taryn Teutsch was present at the scene. However, she did not insist that her own mother be transported by paramedics for examination in the nearest emergency room. In her Fair Game attacks on her father, Taryn demands justice. And yet when her own mother allegedly suffered a crippling assault and injury Taryn did nothing. Where is the justice and moral responsibility on Taryn’s part if Mom was so gravely injured? We take Taryn doing nothing to mean that nothing more needed to be done: Mom had a scrape on her arm and the paramedics applied a dressing. End of story. What likely happened next is that Taryn and Cathy left the scene and drove away — presumably to debrief OSA on the ambush.


Scientology’s hate website spins the same bogus story in a melodramatic video. In these next two screen shots we are told that “A team of paramedics rushed to treat his severely injured wife.” Right. Cathy was so “severely injured” that her pain level was 2 and she refused transport to an ER. This is complete and utter nonsense.

Cathy was so “severely injured” that the paramedics did not need to put Cathy in a cervical collar and place her on a backboard. Emergency transport by helicopter was not needed. An IV was not started. No pain medications were administered. All the paramedics actually did was apply dressing to the abrasion on Cathy’s forearm. Gauze and antiseptic ointment. That was the extent of the medical treatment as shown in photos of her arm Cathy Bernardini herself posted.

Taryn and Cathy are telling a fake story. Worse, the two are trying to inject their fake story into the #MeToo movement, this in an attempt to get Mike fired and discredit Leah’s show. This transparent Scientology fraud is disgusting — particularly when we consider L. Ron Hubbard’s absolutely disgusting view of women.


Dr. James Bell has been dragged into this Scientology Fair Game campaign. Dr. Bell was not an eyewitness to what happened in the parking lot. Therefore, it appears he accepted Cathy Bernardini’s version of the events at face value. Having accepted Cathy’s account at face value, Dr. Bell agreed to make a video for Scientology detailing Cathy’s claimed injury:

Were Dr. Bell to be put on the stand in a court of law and asked if Cathy’s shoulder problem could have been caused by age-related degeneration, a repetitive motion injury, or a prior injury or accident related to a dislocated shoulder or a broken arm what would he say? Has Dr. Bell seen all of Cathy’s prior medical records?

Dr. Bell has no firsthand knowledge of what actually happened in the parking lot whereas the actual audio recording of the event is on YouTube. The paramedics run sheet and the Sheriff’s report are also in the public domain — and neither of these official documents corroborate Taryn Teutsch’s story. Is Cathy Bernardini withholding something?


David Miscavige toady Kirstie Alley jumped into Taryn’s Teutsch’s Fair Game campaign. By doing so, Kirstie became what Scientology calls a “malicious rumor mongerer” and a “false data spreader.”


The fact that Cathy Bernardini and her doctor state that she has a permanent injury requires us to ask why the technology of Dianetics and Scientology was unable to help Cathy alleviate the pain of her injury or otherwise help her in any way. Does Cathy’s injury negate the claimed efficacy of Dianetics and Scientology since neither have apparently helped her? Cathy Bernardini has never once made a statement that she resorted to Dianetics and Scientology for help. Instead, we hear her recite her litany of medical treatment and surgery. L. Ron Hubbard derided medical doctors as “medicos” and yet Cathy needed the medicos.

Below is the paramedics run sheet. Please hover your mouse over the document to invoke the page up/page down controls at the bottom of the page.

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  1. It sounds as though Scientology is awfully desperate. Pathetic.

  2. I’ve never been in Scientology (thankfully), but have watched both of Leah and Mike’s series. They have been enlightening and fascinating. The obvious fakery and lies of Scientology beggar belief, and make me wonder at the foolishness or mind-control in play.

  3. cob is operating while the wheels start to fly off the Scientology Cult Train of Shame. Taryn & Cathy have become ensnared in his reverse love trap & now as Thetans fully full of bs & outright Lies about Mike R they scream and schreech and think that all social media including the courts of law are totally on the cults side. In the past perhaps, but now is the present & cob had spent millions on Sci TV & must order the watching of it by Sea Org etc. Now is the present & the black evil of Scientology is being exposed every day & night. Money may be your shield cob, but it cannot change the Policies of Pain and Disconnection and Punishment that Scientology lives and will die by.

    Thank you Jeffrey & 💛.

  4. In ADDITION to this and not a small fact is that Mike Rinder was the one that was ambushed and attacked and had to have the police called. I dont care what her damn injuries were. FU Cathy Bernardini for continuing to lie and perpetuate your church’s lies and abuses. Rot in hell.

  5. Jeffrey, you provide us with an exceptional report supported by clear evidence that proves the bogus nature of Cathy Bernardini and Taryn Teutsch’s manufactured and grossly exaggerated claims! The fact that Mike Rinder was the victim of an ambush by six crazed Scientology fanatics–documented with audio on YouTube by a BBC reporter–is also a key point that supports this incident as a matter of self-defense on his part.
    Scientology patsy Kirsti Alley tweeted, “well, well, well, and the evidence shows what happened” shows that the only “evidence” she is commenting on is Taryn’s and Cathy’s fake news.
    Your breakdown of the paramedic reports is all any rational reasoning person needs to see, to determine the facts. Anyone can conclude that Taryn and Cathy are like dogs barking at the wheels of a bus with no rational control. Worse, they are abusing and trying to manipulate the #metoo movement to serve their own disgraceful causes.

  6. Good reporting Jeff. The lies, so dear to Hubbard’s heart, are all finally running their course. The smoke screen of lies that use to work in the past are now the reason Hubbard, Miscavige and Scientology are being taken down.

    The Wizard of Oz comes to mind:

    “Help me I’m melting. Oh what a world, what a world.”

  7. It seems that if they were going to fabricate a story about severe injuries to Cathy Bernardini as they’ve done they would of omitted posting a copy of the paramedics report which exposes themselves as the liars they are.

    This looks like an enormous footbullet and would provide good material for a story on Leah Remini’s show as well as the basis for a civil lawsuit.

  8. im confused why this lynch mob was allowed to disrupt a medical office with these tactics and werent charged with disturbing the peace, and assault on mike..

  9. Type4PTS, I couldn’t agree more.

    After I read the paramedics run sheet it occurred to me that no one inside of Scientology had actually read the document. Anyone reading it would have buried it and never let it see the light of day — let alone post it so conspicuously online for everyone to see. Apparently, OSA was impressed as it looks so official.

  10. Maybe “Dr. James Bell should get a letter from an attorney demanding a retraction lest he be liable for slander for participating in this charade.

    An injury comparable to a skinned knee is now a life altering trauma??

  11. Once its clear to DM his attempt to smear Mike has backfired will his, sure to be epic, over reaction get Taryen sent to the RPF (or whatever he has substituted for it)? I’m wondering if that would give her (and Cathy) pause to think about what is really happening and blow.

    I would love for Taryn to escape and reconnect with her Dad, hell I would even like to see her mom blow! The more the merrier!

  12. Mike, If Taryn blows, will you accept her back and help her in her attempt to become part of the real world again?

  13. I have been following the COS for some time, and you’d think I’d quit being surprised at the nonsense they pull to obtain their goal of making their rotten little cult smell better than the garbage that it is. But each time I read another story, (and I already knew about this episode) I’m right back to WTH? status. It’s like the cat vehemently denying he ate the canary, while feathers fall from his mouth. It’s enough to give one a headache lol

  14. Don’t victimize that doctor. He can’t possibly be that big of a moron. He was paid money to make that video. He did so knowingly it was going to be used as propaganda for the COS. And the fact h that he’s not speaking out against it tells me he got a good paycheck from it.

  15. It is the beginning of the end of Scientology, thanks to Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and others. Scientology, The Aftermath is being played in countries throughout the world and has exposed the organisation as the abusive cult it is!

  16. I’m a person with chronic pain due to excess bone growths in my spinal cord channel. Pain specialists, medical journals, and other patients have all told me that the goal of pain management is not to eliminate pain, it’s to get it to a manageable level: that level is ideally a 2.

  17. In the case of Cathy Bernardini she had skin abrasions as noted by the paramedics. She refused medical transport and left the scene. It was only after Leah Remini’s show launched that Cathy Bernardini suddenly developed her alleged crippling painful and permanent injuries. Moreover, Scientology’s vaunted tech appears completely unable to help Cathy — which means Hubbard’s claims that Scientology can handle such things are all nonsense. Nothing in Cathy and Taryn’s story adds up. The lies can easily be shown by the official paramedics report.

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