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Scientology Using the Photos of Nude Model Lana Brooke & Pretending She is a Scientologist Named Christiana Michael

Model Lana Brooke’s photos are the most widely used by African Romance Scammers — and now the Church of Scientology

The website warns people of Romance Scams used by African scammers. One of the scammers favorite fakes is a model named Lana Brooke:

Lana Brooke is one of a handful of Models and Porn stars that is the favorite of the Dating Scammer community in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Benin, and other Western and Central African countries.  We think this is because she looks like a corn-fed down-home Mid-Western Beauty – All American…

It looks like the romance scammers aren’t the only con artists who like Lana Brooke. The advance fee fraud scammers in the Church of Scientology like Lana as well. In yet another Scientology social media fraud, Scientologist and STAND League member “Christiana Michael” has been attacking Mike Rinder. Our investigation revealed Christiana Michael to be a Scientology Facebook scam that uses Lana Brooke’s photos. Here is a Facebook post from the fake Scientologist Christiana Michael:

The Christiana Michael photo was taken from a series of Lana Brooke’s photos. Brooke’s face was cropped and used on the fake Facebook page of Scientologist Christiana Michael:

The Cult of Scientology has already been caught using stock photos in its social media fraud. Now it has been caught using the most widely stolen photo used by African Romance scammers. How low will Scientology sink in its rampant and continuing social media fraud?

If the demented Ed Parkin and his equally idiotic colleagues Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs bothered to do any checking they would see that Lana Brooke is a nude model. Warning: This link is to Lana Brooke’s x-rated adult website and is not work friendly nor intended for minors. This website shows the irrefutable evidence that “Scientologist Christiana Michael” is actually Lana Brooke.

Mike Rinder posted this Scientologist Christiana Michael screenshot on his blog:

“Can you tell these Muslims are Scientologists?” chides imaginary Scientologist Christiana Michael. The real question is actually this: Why is Scientology using Lana Brooke’s photos in its latest social media fraud? We assume Scientology did not pay Ms. Brooke a licensing fee. This is deplorable conduct, but it is what the world has come to expect from Scientology: Lies piled upon lies.

What we have is OSA’s Ed Parkin appearing at a phony Interfaith event followed by OSA using photos of nude model Lana Brooke and pretending she’s a Scientologist named Christiana Michael. Bogus Ecumenicism, Social Media Fraud, and Fake Scientologists: This the new intersectionality of Scientology. And is this why OSA’s Ed Parkin is getting jiggy with it?

Update: Since we exposed fake Scientologist Christiana Michael, her profile was removed on Facebook. Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs was caught with its pants down on this caper!

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  1. Jeff,
    Your exposes are becoming hilarious. Don’t they know that it is immoral to tell harmful lies?? 🤔
    David miscavige and his posse of lemmings are a little bit like the keystone cops running around in circles and shooting themselves in the foot. If DM really wants to find the source of most of his Church’s travails, all he needs to do is look in the mirror.

  2. “Lana Brooke is one of a handful of Models and Porn stars that is the favorite of the Dating Scammer community in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Benin, and other Western and Central African countries.”

    How can we put an end to these practices?

  3. Any jury in the world would find Scientology guilty of ruining a porn star’s reputation.

  4. Am no more ashamed and we share my story
    Unfortunately I was scammed thousands of dollars in 2017 and found out when I contacted the Ghana Crime Unit of Police at-info.ghanapolice at consultant dot com and was given full details of the scam and played along and was exact ,evidence and receipt of money transfer was sent to the Unit and they checked the bank and got the person arrested and justice was served.
    The scammers used look alike bank websites from hsbc and other official government sites..

  5. Douglas, thank you for that brief. I’m curious if anything further was learned following the arrest. Were you the victim of a Lana Brooke scam/con per se? Was it learned if someone was distributing photos and videos of Miss Brooke (or whomever, since ‘Lana Brooke’ is an alias too) as a package for a fee? Was the scammer part of a larger gang of scammers / con artists? What more can you tell?

  6. Same photo but another name (Sofia Abdul Rahman) she contact me from Nigeria as she stayed in Kuwait.
    Father and mother dead by car accident.
    She asked me to help here to come back Kuwait I transferred twice to here as she will give the money when she comes back.

    Anyone can help me to catch the scammer?
    I already complained to Western Union but I need lawyer.

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