Index of GPB Capital Holdings Stories

Scientologist David Gentile Arrested by the FBI on Charges Related to His $1.8 Billion GPB Capital Holdings Ponzi Scheme

GPB Capital Updates – October 2020


Scientologist David Gentile’s GPB Capital Holdings Visited by the FBI

Waste Management Firm Owned by GPB Capital is Raided by the FBI — Troubles Continue for Scientologist David Gentile’s Firm


Does a Leaked FBI Report Refer to Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings & Its Purported Ties to the Russian Mob?

Ties to Russian Organized Crime Alleged in Blockbuster New Lawsuit Against Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital

The Background Influences of GPB Capital Holdings: Hunter Biden, a Jeffrey Epstein Associate, a Biotech Company, and a Russian Mob Connection


GPB Capital Linked to Former Swiss Bank Official Arrested in the Staggering $5 Billion Dollar Petrobras Corruption Scandal

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings’ Incredulous Growth Numbers in 2016 Raise Serious Questions


Scientologist Larry Feldman Cancels His Company’s Participation in the Riverwalk Project in Tampa; Is This Fallout From His GPB Capital Holdings Connection?


Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital: The Heat is On Following the Indictment of Michael Cohn on Felony Charges

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Update: GPB Exec & Former SEC Official Michael Cohn Arraigned Today for Obstruction of Justice

Update on Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital: Is Michael Cohn the Weak Link in the Chain of a Conspiracy at GPB?

Criminal Trial of Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holding’s Former CCO Michael Cohn Delayed Due to Health Problems & Pandemic

Former GPB Capital Holdings Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cohn Pleads Guilty to Theft of SEC Data


Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Hit with New Charges by the State of Massachusetts

Law Firm Posts Video Advisory on Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital

David Gentile’s GPB Capital Under Continuing Scrutiny: Lawsuit & Investigations

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit Alleging Serious Financial Misconduct

Scientologist David Gentile, Founder and CEO of GPB Capital Holdings: Company Under SEC & FINRA Investigation

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Update: Kinnie Ma IRA vs. GPB Capital, David Gentile, Jeffry Schneider, Mark Martino, et. al.


Patrick DiBre’s Allegation that GPB Capital Holdings is a Ponzi Scheme Raises the Specter of Scientologist Reed Slatkin’s $593 Million Ponzi Scheme

GPB Capital Holdings v. Patrick Dibre Lawsuit Heats Up

GPB Capital Holdings Update: New York Appeals Court Grants Patrick Dibre’s Motion for Summary Judgment Against GPB Capital Holdings


GPB Capital Holdings: Where in the World is Manuel Vianna?

Update on Manuel Vianna, Former Managing Partner of GPB Capital Holdings


What Do Hunter Biden and Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Have in Common?

AWOL No More: GPB Capital Holdings’ CEO and Other Executives Back Online

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Holdings Admits to “Significant Losses” in Its Funds

The Continuing Timeline of How Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Came into Existence


Former GPB Capital CFO Macrina Kgil Named as a Defendant in Class Action Lawsuit Against GPB


Chris Shelton & Jeffrey Augustine Podcast: GPB Capital, Grant Cardone and Scientology

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Classified Payments to the Hubbard College as “Compensation” & Other Conflicts of Interest


How Does Mike Frost’s “Austin Lake Technologies” Fit Into the Maze of GPB Capital Holdings?

The Rogues Gallery a/k/a GPB Capital Holdings Executive Staff Has Vanished Again

Scientologist-Owned : “Appears to be on the Same Collision Course with GPB Capital Reality as Other Failed Private Placement Offerings”

Lipman v. GPB Capital: The Court of Chancery of Delaware Rules on the Motions of Defendants Gentile, Lash, and Schneider

NYC Attorney Michael Emanuel Joins GPB Capital Holdings as Chief Compliance Officer; GPB Issues New ADV & Part 2 Brochure

Scientologist-Owned GPB Capital Admits to Staggering Losses in Latest ADV Filing: AUM at $239 Million; Down from $1.1 Billion in July 2019