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The Rogues Gallery a/k/a GPB Capital Holdings Executive Staff Has Vanished Again

GPB Capital’s main website always had a link to “OUR TEAM” as shown:

As we reported, the OUR TEAM link was removed the last week of December 2019:

January 15, 2020: As documented here, the Executive Staff reappeared on the GPB website. However, gone were GPB long-timers Evan Myrianthopoulus, Mike Frost, and “strategic advisor” Jeffry Schneider. This was the screenshot we took during our check of GPB’s website of January 15, 2020:

January 22, 2020: Exactly one week after reappearing, the GPB “Our Team” link has been taken down once again. The executives have vanished from the firm’s website:

The disappearance of the remaining GPB Capital Holdings executives from the firm’s website suggests intense internal instability. When and if the “Our Team” link goes back up it will be interesting to see who remains.

It is well worth noting that the GPB Capital Holdings webpage for Interim Chief Compliance Officer Aileen Doherty — who was working on contract from an advisory firm — is no longer functional.  Doherty’s GPB webpage is gone. This is the link as cached by Google:

The link for Aileen Doherty redirects to the GPB main webpage. Has Doherty resigned as Interim COO?

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