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GPB Capital’s Christmas Surprise: The GPB Executive Team Disappears from the Company’s Website

GPB Capital’s main website always had a link to “OUR TEAM” as shown:

Now, however, the OUR TEAM link has been removed in the last week of December 2019. Check GPB’s home page for yourself and you will see the missing link:

Why did GPB Capital Holdings remove the link to its executives team?

We noted earlier this year that GPB executive and Scientologist Manuel Vianna disappeared from site without any announcement. See our post: Where in the World is Manuel Vianna?

Now we ask: Where is GPB’s CEO and owner David Gentile and his executive staff? Where are Evan Myrianthopoulos, Mike Frost, and the other execs? Who is left at GPB since the internal audit committee dissolved itself at Thanksgiving?

David Gentile is a Scientologist. As such he knows that “hiding” is very low on L. Ron Hubbard’s Tone Scale. Hiding is at -8.0 and is very close to “Total Failure” at -40.0.

It is worth noting that below “Hiding” is “Can’t Hide” at -30.0. Hiding has been unsuccessful for David Gentile and he is actually now in the spotlight at “Can’t Hide.” However, David Gentile doesn’t see this and so has placed himself and the rest GPB’s leadership into hiding. After “Can’t Hide” comes “Total Failure” at -40.0.

Scientology Grade 0 — the basic step onto Scientology’s Bridge — is supposed to teach people how to communicate with anybody about anything. David Gentile cannot communicate and has in fact has gone into hiding with his C Suite staff.

Security Check Questions for David Gentile the Scientologist:

Step 0: You are to answer these questions thoroughly. We want the WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHY, WHAT, DURATION, WHO ELSE INVOLVED? Do not answer with 1/2 truths and untruths.

1. What withhold is connected with the removal of yourself and your executive staff from GPB Capital Holdings’ website?

2. What unworthy purpose or intention have you had all along for GPB Capital Holdings?

3. Is there a selfish impulse concerning money that you have carefully hidden?

4. Do you still consider yourself an ethical and upright Scientologist?

5. What LRH financial policy have you been diligently following?

6. If you have not been exactly following LRH’s financial policies why not?

7. Do you believe in Keeping Scientology Working? If so, explain current affairs.

8. What tailor-made question are you hoping I will not ask you?

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  1. The head of compliance at GPB was busted a couple months ago for passing internal SEC investigative information on to GPB as he was interviewing there for a job and about to leave the SEC. His name and bio remained up on the web site for a couple hours after the litigation release was issued and a couple news outlets picked up on the story.

    Now, the entire executive team disappears. It might be time to call various jails in NYC and to see if they’ve been taken into custody. After the holiday, it might also be instructive to call GPB Capital’s offices and see if anyone answers, and maybe to see if any of the folks formerly on the web site still have voice mailboxes. Or maybe it would be better to call their offices on the holiday and use the automated phone system to look up their exstensions and see if those folks are still on the payroll.

    Relatedly, the Prime Auto Group subsidiary looks like it’s in a bit of hot water: VW and Toyota are threatening to revoke their franchise rights because of the firing of the CEO. Here’s some local news coverage of the story: I was not aware that manufacturers had the right to approve or reject changes in management at a dealership, but apparently that’s standard practice… Wonder if David Gentile knew that when he fired David Rosenberg. Embarrassing rookie mistake if not. Even being placed on notice that your franchise is under review probably values a dealership chain at approximately $0.00. I certainly wouldn’t buy a dealership with that kind of cloud over it, even if there was enough time before the deadline to cure the breach by working with the factory.

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