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AWOL No More: GPB Capital Holdings’ CEO and Other Executives Back Online

After we reported GPB Capital Holdings CEO David Gentile as having gone AWOL from both his company’s own website and LinkedIn, Mr. Gentile has reappeared on LinkedIn. Gentile’s other LinkedIn page showing him as a partner at his father’s Long Island CPA firm of Gentile, Pismeny, and Brengel remains posted on LinkedIn.

Did the Church of Scientology intervene to handle David Gentile’s blow from social media? In Scientology a “blow” is defined as any unauthorized departure from one’s assigned post. Part of a CEO’s job is to be the public face of the company. David Gentile has not issued any kind of statement in his own name since 2018. Instead, he has had his PR spokespeople do it.

We further reported that the “Our Team” link on GPB’s corporate website had been removed. This link allowed the public to see to the firm’s C Suite executives. This link has also been restored. Nevertheless, following the resignation of GPB’s internal audit committee in late November 2019, the executive strata at GPB is now down to four people and one Interim Chief Compliance Officer.

Absent from the GPB executive strata are long-timers Evan Myrianthopoulus, Mike Frost, and “strategic advisor” Jeffry Schneider. Our sources tell us that GPB will only speak to its Broker-Dealers these days with a signed nondisclosure in place.

Notes on GPB execs:

1. Evan Myrianthopoulus is still with GPB.

2. Jeffry Schneider is still with Ascendant Capital in Austin.

3. Brian Weisenberger came over to GPB from Ascendant Capital. This was an in-house transfer. We wonder if Weisenberger is working out of GPB’s office in Austin or if he moved to NYC.

4. Mike Frost’s LinkedIn page shows he left GPB and has started a private equity venture in Austin, Texas called Austin Lake Technologies. The address is 5000 Plaza on the Lake #300, Austin, Texas. This is the exact same address as GPB Capital Holdings office in Austin, Texas. Is Frost renting space inside of GPB’s suite in Austin? What is the relationship between GPB and Austin Lake Technologies? There are many questions here given the shared address:
5. As always, we ask our perennial question: Where in the world is Manuel Vianna?

When we search for Mr. Vianna at LinkedIn we get this sad-faced result:

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