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GPB Capital Holdings: Where in the World is Manuel Vianna?

Manuel Vianna

Manuel Vianna, the Managing Partner of David Gentile’s GPB Capital Holdings has suddenly left the company without any announcement.

Both Gentile and Vianna are Scientologists.

Within the culture of the Church of Scientology, the sudden and unexplained departure of a member of the group is not unusual; nor is making such an individual a non-person.

In terms of being made a non-person, we note that Manuel Vianna’s webpage has been scrubbed from GPB’s website. Vianna’s LinkedIn page has been scrubbed and does not show Vianna to have ever been associated with GPB Capital. GPB Capital’s page at Bloomberg no longer shows Vianna’s name.

Manuel Vianna’s webpage showing him to be the Managing Partner at GPB Capital is still up at Crunchbase and a few other websites. We suspect these pages will be quickly scrubbed.

GPB Capital Holdings has been quick to issue press releases in the past several months. However, Vianna’s disappearance has been left unexplained. So that we have a baseline as of today, April 8, 2019 below is a screenshot from of the key executives of GPB Capital Holdings. This baseline will allow us to track any future changes:

The Scientology Money Project has covered Manuel Vianna in the past, specifically when he was the #2 executive at Matt Feshbach’s Okyanos Heart Institute in the Bahamas. Feshbach’s Okyanos was sold under somewhat curious circumstances as we also covered.

Where in the world is Manuel Federico Vianna?

Why is Manual Vianna no longer with GPB Capital?

Why has GPB Capital Holdings made Manuel Vianna a non-person?

On a related matter, we found a GPB document online. Entitled GPB Holdings III, LP $1.5 billion dollar Class B-1 “CONFIDENTIAL PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM, the document is dated January 2018. The pages are stamped “ Due Diligence Use Only – Not For Distribution.” We take this to mean that the document must be shared online as a matter of public interest.

It is worth noting that as of January 1, 2018 GPB Capital was, apparently, looking to raise $1.5 billion in a private placement offering. This was in addition to the $1.8 billion which had already been raised by other GPB entities.

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