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She’s Not Even a Good Liar! Taryn Teutsch’s Debunked Claim About Her Mother Cathy Bernardini Being Injured Gets Worse

In Rathbun v. Miscavige, the claim was made that David Miscavige keeps RTC President Warren McShane around because he is an unusually good liar.

If David Miscavige’s standard for keeping a staff member around is the ability to lie unusually well, then Taryn Teutsch and the STAND League have just failed miserably at lying and will likely be shipped off to whatever hellhole Miscavige is imprisoning his substandard lackeys in these days.

In June 2018 we used paramedics and police reports to thoroughly debunk Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch’s false claim that her father Mike Rinder has seriously injured her mother Cathy Bernardini. We wrote at the time:

Paramedics were called at 12:28 PM on March 23, 2010 and arrived on scene at 12:34 PM. The paramedics examined Cathy Bernardini and applied a gauze dressing to her right forearm.

The Paramedics were then available for another call at 12:58 PM. The actual time the paramedics spent on scene was 24 minutes. Over against this, Scientology claims that Cathy Bernardini was severely injured. Scientology asks us to believe that the paramedics spent only 24 minutes on scene treating a severely injured person. Read on as the Scientology saga becomes more absurd and breaks down upon examination.

Keep this date in mind: April 23, 2010. This date is shown on the Clearwater Paramedics run sheet report:

Taryn  Teutsch went so far as to post photos of her supposedly seriously injured mother. A video showing an ambulance rushing to the scene was made. The problem is that Cathy Bernardini twice refused medical transport to the hospital. She did so by signing a paramedics document refusing transport. Cathy told paramedics and police on scene that her pain level was only 2:

STAND League’s desperation to keep Taryn and Cathy’s big lie going has become so frantic that STAND League just posted a photo of Cathy Bernardini’s MRI showing a separated shoulder. Cathy Bernardini would have had to waive her HIPPA rights to privacy for this to occur.

Please note the red arrow on Cathy’s MRI below. The arrow points to the date of the MRI as  April 19, 2011 — a full year after the claimed attack.

If Cathy Bernardini was so grievously injured by a crippling assault, then why did she wait to get an MRI for one year?

The breathless video made by STAND League shows an ambulance rushing to the scene to treat the severely injured Cathy. We note the ambulance is racing to the scene in broad daylight: 

The STAND League video has the ambulance racing to the scene in broad daylight. However, another STAND League video shows a nighttime assault with lots of fake blood:

STAND League liars Taryn and Cathy cannot manage to keep their lies straight. Did the attack happen during the day or at night? To add to the absurdity, Cathy was fit and flexible enough to star as herself in this re-creation of an attack that never happened.

The fact is that Cathy and Taryn were part of a Scientology posse that ambushed Mike Rinder in a parking lot. The police were there, investigated the matter, and concluded nothing had happened except some yelling of profanities and accusations by the Scientologists. Scroll down to read the police report of the incident. 

Mike Rinder was talking to John Sweeney who was then with the BBC. The entire event was recorded by John Sweeney. Here is what actually happened. You can listen to the actual recording on YouTube:

The audio is not work safe and contains profanities shouted by Taryn, Cathy, and the other Scientologists in the mob. Due Scientology’s interference on YouTube, the video cannot be posted here in a way that takes the reader directly to it. Clicking the link will take you directly to the audio on YouTube.

Following the Scientology-created brouhaha, the paramedics applied some gauze to Cathy’s arm. Cathy received a minor abrasion. She was surrounded by four of her fellow cultists screaming at Mike. Mike exited the vehicle he was in to get to his pregnant wife who was in her doctor’s office. In this pandemonium, Cathy’s forearm was scuffed. There is not even any clear evidence of who caused it.

Cathy blames it on Mike. One year later Cathy gets an MRI on her shoulder when, in fact, her forearm had an abrasion one year earlier. How does an abrasion on her forearm turn into a shoulder separation one year later? When the shoulder separates it is instantaneous. An abrasion on a forearm doesn’t take a year to travel up one’s arm and separate their shoulder. Cathy’s narrative is so utterly ridiculous and yet shows the lengths to which Scientology will go to tell a lie that can be easily shown to be a lie.

That’s it folks. Some gauze and Cathy told the paramedics she had a pain level of 2. Give the woman a Tylenol. In its usual shitshow of Fair Game, the STAND League spins quite a soap opera:

When Cathy went to see Rinder on April 23, 2010, in front of their daughter and several family friends, Rinder attacked Cathy, calling her a bitch as he gouged and shredded the skin on her arms and held her in a vice grip to the point where she describes hearing the sound of her bones cracking. Their daughter was severely shaken by the sight of blood “all over” her mother’s arm from her father’s assault.

Cathy Bernardini dramatically claims she could hear her bones cracking. But then she waits 12 months to get an MRI. If we were assaulted and heard our bones breaking, we sure as F would get an MRI asap. We would not wait 12 months.

Takeaways from this colossal STAND League trainwreck of lies: 

1. If you’re in a Cult and you want to tell a lie on social media, then hire a continuity editor to keep your story straight. Which STAND League lies are Taryn and Cathy sticking with? Did the assault happen in broad daylight or at night? And why did Cathy say her pain level was 2 only to later claim she was bleeding profusely and could hear her bones breaking? And why the 12 month wait for an MRI?

Taryn now has to tell another series of lies explaining why her mom waited 12 months to get an MRI on a separated shoulder. Taryn also has some explaining to do about the daytime ambulance video and the nighttime attack video.

2. Second, if you claim to have been brutally attacked why then, by all means, allow the paramedics to transport you to the hospital. Don’t refuse medical transport and then head off to the Olive Garden for lunch.

3. Don’t post medical records which prove you waited 12 months to get an MRI for an injury you claimed was massive and crippling. The first thing any doctor, investigator, or lawyer is going to think is that Cathy Bernardini injured her shoulder 12 months later in an unrelated event and then got an MRI.

Bottom Line: We have shown Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini to be utter and disgraceful liars. For all we know, Cathy Bernardini hurt her shoulder in April 2011 when she was digging ditches at Gold Base while she was on the RPF.

Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini never claimed Cathy was injured until Leah Remini’s double-Emmy winning show Scientology and the Aftermath was being watched by record audiences. It was only after Leah’s groundbreaking show aired to an international audience that Taryn and Cathy launched their sleazy Scientology Fair Game attack on Leah’s on-air partner Mike Rinder.

And now, with STAND League posting Cathy’s MRI, we can see that Taryn and Cathy are not good liars. Perhaps they need to take lessons from the white-haired maestro Warren McShane?

Left: RTC President Warren McShane. Right: Scientology attorney Bert Deixler. Photo from a 2014 hearing in Rathbun v. Miscavige et al. held at the Comal County courthouse in New Braunfels, Texas. We attended this hearing.

The Police Report:

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  1. Lying is not nice. Cathy should take her daughter Taryn over her knee and spank herTeutsch !

  2. As is customary in the cult’s harassment campaigns, they showed up in force. Several Rinder family members. Several cult executives. And a couple of PIs, a posse of approximately 10.

    Following standard procedure and considering the financial investment the cult made, it is safe to assume that they filmed the whole melee. It is also dead certain that, given the slightest opportunity, they would have pressed charges and/or underwritten civil litigation against a target as prominent as Mike Rinder. If this required the perversion of justice and liberal use of perjury, no problem. That’s where the lying tech and 10 vs 1 approach would have been handy.

    None of the posse, not even the professional PIs, found it necessary to intervene at any time to stop Rinder’s non-existent assault; not even restrain him after the “fact.”

    As it stands, when the police arrived–at Rinder’s request, not the cult’s–most of the posse had fled the scene. Clearly, they figured that even 10 to 1 and with prolific lying, there was nothing to be gained by sticking around and telling their version of things.

    The only authentic recording that was ever made public–by Rinder– is an audio of Mike on the phone with reporter John Sweeney during the incident. Whatever video the cult operatives most assuredly created remains secret. Tellingly, creating a dramatic re-enactment was the best they could do.

    The alleged victim is clearly not shy when it comes to telling stories no matter how improbable to serve her cause (see her “inch wives” TV appearance). Yet she never attempted to press criminal charges. Not even civil charges were brought by the most litigious cult on the planet which views the courts as their harassment tool of choice whenever possible. Reviewing the documents makes it obvious why not!

  3. Lest we forget, Dr. Bell wrote a letter detailing exactly why he treated Bitter Bernardini’s shoulder. The letter, dated 2015 states that he ordered an MRI (as seen in Jeffrey’s article) in 2011. He goes on to write that this MRI showed tendinitis, bursitis and an acromion hook with impingement. Bernardini ultimately underwent arthroscopic decompression 14 months after the events of April 2010. This letter can be seen on my blog, Confront and Shatter, entitled The Documentation.

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