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Is Scientologist Grant Cardone the Next Mike Lindell MyPillow Guy? Trump Headlines at Cardone’s 10X Rally

Scientologist and social media madman Grant Cardone had a surprise for his fanboys at his 10X event last week in Hollywood, Florida: Donald Trump made a surprise appearance.

Given that former President Trump’s real estate investments are under investigation and have ties to dubious Russian money, it seems counterintuitive for real estate investor Grant Cardone to pay Trump a personal appearance fee to show up at the 10X event.

Cardone, an outspoken antivaxxer, has now solidly positioned himself as a Trump supporter which leads us to ask: How soon will Grant Cardone claim that the 2020 election was stolen? Does Grant Cardone become the next Mike Lindell?

How far will Grant Cardone ride the Trump train? And will General Flynn appear at Cardone’s next 10X event to warn the Cardonistas of hidden nano-GPS tracking devices the New World Order is using against us?

Grant Cardone’s fellow Scientologist Leigh Dundas made a name for herself at the January 6 Insurrection when she said that “Patriots” were well within their rights to take those guilty of treason “out back and hang or shoot them.”

Our thanks to @inminivanhell for tweeting this as a public service:

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  1. It does not seem surprising to me that lying, sociopathic narcissists flock together. If we can only isolate the whole bunch of them in a nut house where they can only harm each other.

  2. “Let’s sell these people a piece of blue sky.”
    Grunt Carblone and Combover Pussolini: a custom cuck fit!

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