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“Seriously Injured” Sea Org Member Cathy Bernardini Finally Gets a Medical Exam After 12 Years!

We have covered pathological liar and Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch many times.

In June 2018 we used Paramedics and the Sheriff’s reports to thoroughly debunk Taryn’s false claim that her father Mike Rinder seriously injured her mother Cathy Bernardini in 2010.

In her latest tweet, Taryn says that her mother Cathy Bernardini “just got a comprehensive medical exam to see how to improve her damaged arm – 12 year after the attack from my father Mike Rinder.”

What is so stupidly funny here — and yet Taryn and OSA do not see it — is that if Cathy Bernardini was so badly injured as claimed, then why did the $3 billion Cult of Scientology take an incredible 12 years to get Cathy a comprehensive medical exam?

Was there no money to treat the severely injured woman? Not at all. Scientology has plenty of cash. Rather, and to borrow a phrase from David Miscavige himself, Taryn and Cathy’s story has always been provable bullshit and will remain so forever.

There are so many lies here.

The Church of Scientology posted a video on YouTube several years ago in which James A. Bell, M.D., Ph.D. who is “a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in orthopedic trauma, sports medicine and joint replacement” described Cathy Bernardini’s shoulder injury and was very tentative in doing so.

Dr. Bell likely wondered why the Church of Scientology would want him to make such a video. In the video, which Scientology removed from YouTube long ago, Dr. Bell never once described the mechanism of Cathy’s injury and most definitely never mentioned an assault. As a mandated reporter, Dr. Bell would have been obligated to report a domestic assault to the police. But of course this never happened because there was never an assault.

Are Taryn Teutsch and the Church of Scientology now stating that Dr. James A. Bell is somehow incompetent and did not perform a comprehensive medical exam on Cathy Bernardini?

Taryn’s story falls apart because we have the evidence that Dr. Bell, an expert board-certified orthopedic surgeon, examined Cathy Bernardini in April 2011. Cathy did not wait 12 years for a comprehensive medical exam as Taryn now preposterously claims.

We know the April 2011 date to be true because Taryn Teutsch posted the MRI that Dr. Bell took of Cathy Bernardini’s shoulder. The date on the MRI is April 19, 2011 as can be seen below. Therefore, one of Taryn’s problems, as we pointed out, is that the MRI was taken a full year after the date when Cathy claimed she was assaulted by Mike Rinder. No one waits one year, let alone 12 years, to get a shoulder separation medically examined.

Taryn and Cathy’s timeline proves the lie:

1. March 23, 2010: Mike Rinder had taken his wife to see her doctor. When she went inside the doctor’s office, Mike remained seated in his vehicle in the parking lot to make phone calls. Suddenly, Mike was surrounded by angry Scientologists including his ex-wife Cathy and daughter Taryn. Mike exited his vehicle to get to his wife and ensure her safety from this mob. During his exit, Mike had to make his way through the hysterical posse of screaming Scientologists and made “incidental contact” with Cathy Bernardini according to the Sheriff’s Report.

2. April 19, 2011: Dr. Bell takes an MRI of Cathy Bernardini’s shoulder separation. Why the one-year delay for something as painful as a separated shoulder? The likelihood is that Cathy Bernardini was injured on or about April 19, 2011 at Scientology’s Gold Base and suffered a shoulder separation. Our opinion is that OSA, Taryn, and Cathy later tried to make this injury retroactive to 2010 in order to concoct their ridiculous tale of an attack. We wonder why OSA even bothers with the Taryn and Cathy Soap Opera when it can’t even keep its lies straight.

3. March 2022: Taryn posts Dr. Bell’s MRI of her mother’s separated shoulder online. Why the 11-year wait to post the MRI Taryn? Posting the MRI means Cathy waived her HIPPA rights to privacy.

4. September 2022: Taryn claims on Twitter that her mother finally got a comprehensive medical exam 12 years after the claimed injury. In a video Scientology made many years ago of the imaginary assault, paramedics had to rush to the scene to treat the severely injured Cathy Bernardini. However, as Taryn tells us, her mother Cathy had to wait 12 years to be examined by a doctor.

The injury was so minor that the Paramedics put some ointment and gauze on Cathy’s arm. Cathy twice refused further medical care and medical transport to the nearest hospital.

This newest lie being told by Taryn and Cathy is being told because Mike Rinder’s book has been released by Simon & Schuster. There is panic and chaos inside of Scientology:

Mike Rinder was talking to John Sweeney who was then with the BBC. The entire event was recorded by John Sweeney. Here is what actually happened. You can listen to the actual recording on YouTube:

The audio is not work safe and contains profanities shouted by Taryn, Cathy, and the other Scientologists in the mob. Due Scientology’s interference on YouTube, the video cannot be posted here in a way that takes the reader directly to it. Clicking the link will take you to the audio on YouTube.

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