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CST: Church of Spiritual Technology 990-T IRS Filings

Church of Spiritual Technology 990-T IRS Filings

CST 2012 Book Value $447,192,921

CST 2011 Book Value $434,487,317

CST 2010 Book Value $530,338,990

CST 2009 Book Value $408,186,859

CST 2008 Book Value $371,220,972

Jim Gill’s flyover of CST’s Trementina, New Mexico property:

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  1. Thank you for uncovering these reports. It’s 530 Million a year average. Where is all this money coming from? The management fees from the orgs would not add up to this. Despite some postings AOLA never made a million in a week even during the ‘Buy Now’ price hikes.
    It must come from the IAS to the tune of 1.5 million a day (15,000 in commissions).
    The 40,000 I donated to the IAS was Oct 2, 2003 for the Japan earthquake recovery efforts but it said this on the documents I signed for credit card donation:
    “I understand that the purpose of the IAS is to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.
    “I understand that all donations will be used towards the protection of the Scientology religion and the fight for freedom for all mankind.
    So I guess this includes the CST properties and haunting Mosey and Marty etc.
    Money is really not the problem for me (I never spent what I didn’t have) it’s the altered purposes, lies and betrayal. The church is operating from an unspoken agenda and screwing it’s parishioners to achieve hidden goals it knows would not be supported. The sad result is the lost trust in LRH and his tech connected to such criminal activities. One can not help but question the events that preceded this – which lead back to the tech and LRH. There is not enough good left to balance out the bad in that ‘church’. I’m working overtime to re-gain the wins I once had and get back to square one prior to dumping my trust in Scientology. My bad over-all but I’ve forever been one to jump and look back in order to learn so be it. I figure this happens mostly with un-educated persons as a different way of learning. When I joined the SO at 22 I could not read or write. I was raised in ‘the bush’ with my lessons being how to survive the Alaska cold and fix outboard engines. I was basically raised in the SO for my lessons in dealing with others which with it’s world full of labels and judgment was limited as fixed ideas limit understanding. I could not pass the PTS/SP course drills of being able to spot tone levels without a doubt. All wogs were 2.0 or below after all. X staff were DBs. Only Scientology had the answers. My bad. I’m grateful that at 61 I can accept changes, drop labels and learn. Leaves me about 40 years behind what I was actually going for at 22 but still on the same path 🙂

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