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CSI: Church of Scientology International 990-T Filings 2008 – 2012

Church of Scientology International 990-T Filings 2008 – 2012

CSI 2012 Book Value: $846,314,618

CSI 2011 Book Value: $790,758,896

CSI 2010 Book Value: $747,346,185

CSI 2009 Book Value: $730,132,600

CSI 2008 Book Value: $612,684,413

According to 990-T’s filed with the IRS, the Church of Scientology International’s declared “Book Value” increased by a massive $233,630,205 from 2008-2012!


1. How was this significant increase in book value realized?

2. Where did the money come from and how was it spent?

3. Revenue was generated by the sales of IAS statuses, Ideal Org fundraising,
sales of the Basics, and whatever the Orgs brought in from training.

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  1. How dare you sir!

    How dare you indeed.

    We in RTC demand that you immediately take down all of these Church of Scientology tax documents!

    If our parishioners discover just how much cash our money-stuffed foreign bank accounts contain, then what? Why they will never donate another penny to us!

  2. That’s the point, and those who did will now be demanding their money back. Davey, when are you going to show up for a deposition?

  3. Ex-Mormons have taken note of the fact that Church of Scientology 990-T’s have been posted:

    These Ex-Mormons are hoping that someone posts the same sort of data on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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