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Disgraced Former LA County Sheriff & Long-Time Scientology Promoter Lee Baca Headed to Prison

Left: Scientology Leader David Miscavige with then LA County Sheriff Lee Baca. Right: Disgraced former Sheriff and Scientology Promoter Lee Baca Headed to Prison. Photo: Dovarganes/Associated Press

After fighting for years to overturn his criminal conviction for felony obstruction of justice and other charges, disgraced former LA County Sheriff and long-time Scientology promoter Lee Baca is headed to prison. As reported today by The New York Times:

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Lee Baca, a former Los Angeles County sheriff convicted of obstructing an F.B.I. investigation into his department’s troubled jails, to report to prison within three weeks.

Mr. Baca, 77, was convicted in March 2017 on felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators. He was sentenced that May to three years in prison, but he remained free on bond throughout his appeal, according to court documents.

Lee Baca appeared at numerous Scientology events over the years. The former top cop — who wore five gold stars on each side of his shirt collar when he was in office — allowed his name and image to be prominently used in Scientology advertising:

Baca even allowed LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Benjamin Ring to appear in uniform in a Scientology promotional piece:

With Lee Baca in prison, the Church of Scientology still has plenty of cops in the LAPD and retired Colombian cops to turn to for help:

Left: LAPD Captain Cory Palka accepts the annual check from Scientology’s Celebrity Centre to the LAPD. Right: Retired Colombian Police General Carlos Ramiro Mena Bravo pins a fake medal on Scientology leader David Miscavige. This award was not authorized or sanctioned by the Colombian government. Due to its lack of sanction in Colombia, the sham, ceremony took place in Barbados. The award of an unauthorized and unearned medal to Miscavige create wide outrage in the Colombian media. We covered this in a previous story:

Scientology Dictator David Miscavige In a Free Fall in Colombia Over His Fake Medal

Scientology’s sleazy relationship with cops and foreign military officers who are willing to play ball continues unabated. LAPD Captain Palka went so far as to put a Scientology kiosk in the lobby of the Hollywood station. This created a public uproar in America. See our article: The Church of Scientology Kiosk in LAPD Hollywood: How American Atheists Got It Removed.

The Los Angeles Police Department is not even pretending to be neutral when it comes to its relationship to the Church of Scientology.

Lee Baca Surrender Order issued by the US District Court Central District of California. Note: Please hover your cursor over the document to invoke the page up/page down controls at the bottom of the document frame:

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  1. The bigger they are the Harder They Fall I guess. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Dave and Lee became cellmates.

  2. Imagine the scenario Karl: David Miscavige and Lee Baca as the new faces of Criminon, Scientology’s criminal rehabilitation program. Donate today so that cellies Lee and Dave have money for canteen/

  3. So sad that Deputy Ring was planning to “invest” in Scientology courses rather than in his retirement account. I hope he backed out of that idea before significant damage was done to his future security.

  4. Hello i am the Michaelic Properties Enemy Versus Sheriff Baca and his task force Science Fiction Crimes towards all Citizen Fact Autobiography Authors that God of Scientology who is not Good but Wicked of Dark Web. I am the Author of Michaelic Poetry, Hell Regions. You are too blame for all corruption of Officers across USA.

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