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The Church of Scientology Kiosk in LAPD Hollywood: How American Atheists Got It Removed

Geoffrey Blackwell, Counsel for American Atheists describes how his group was able to get the Scientology Kiosk removed from the LAPD Hollywood station.

This kiosk was placed there by the order of LAPD Capt. Corey Palka, a long-time ally of the Church of Scientology. This relationship raises questions about the propriety of Capt. Palka’s conduct as a public official.

Jeffrey Augustine then asks Geoffrey’s impressions of Scientology’s four basic contracts whereby it strips Scientologists of their civil and legal rights to the greatest degree possible.

Captain Palka’s folly has been duly noted in an incident report.


Captain Palka’s Folly


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  1. Fight Scientology!!! This disgusting cult needs to be destroyed.

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