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The Fatal Flaws of Scientology TV

Scientology TV

Among the fatal flaws of Scientology TV is that it never once mentions or discusses the actual financial costs of Scientology. Our friend Aaron Smith-Levin just did a tweet that shows actual parishioner statements with real dollar costs:

The last price lists published for general release by the Church of Scientology were posted these at by your author in 2007:

The prices to stay at the various hotels at Flag were also published in 2007:

Scientology TV does not disclose that some of the people seen in Scientology are paid non-Scientology actors. Mike Rinder wrote about Scientology’s use of actors on his blog and included this casting ad:

Scientology TV does not discuss the mental and emotional costs of being in Scientology.

Scientology TV does not discuss how Scientology breaks up families by its practice of Disconnection; engages in the psycho-terrorism of Fair Game; and lies as the central principal of its own existence.

Regarding the matter of lying, Scientology has been caught in numerous acts of social media fraud in the past several years. This includes using stock photos and pretending the models shown are actual Scientologists. We just exposed Scientology using the fully-clothed photos of Lana Brooke, a porn model, and trying to pass these off online as a Scientologist named Christiana Michael.

The number one rule of Scientology watching is this: Never take anything Scientology says or does at face value. In order to exist Scientology must lie; withhold material facts; refuse all forms of transparency; and attack those who work to expose its devious machinations and monumental greed. These are the things you will never hear discussed on Scientology TV.

Scientology leader David Miscavige promised that Scientology TV would be the Church’s “uncorrupted communication line to the billions” and yet Scientology TV is simply more of the same.

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  1. “Members pay up to $800 per hour for 1-on-1 auditing sessions.”

    Sigh. Why would one even pay $800 for that kind of nonsense???

  2. I would love to hear about hotel occupancy rates from a recent Sea Org escapee. Anyone who did housekeeping, front desk, or food service would be knowledgeable about the numbers of public actually on course at any one time. Are there teeming hallways…or entire empty sections/floors blocked off to save on utilities? Another potential bellwether of the “millions” of members.

  3. I still do not understand HOW you can be duped into that. Blows my mind.

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