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Scientology’s Disaster Response Team Unable to Help With Scientology’s Endless & Self-Created Disasters

The Church of Scientology’s website has a photo of nine people who apparently compose the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response team. How nine people can meaningfully respond to a real disaster is left unexplained. The team leader is a sixtyish woman whose response to disaster seems to be showing people photos in books.

The Church of Scientology is continually engaged in a series of self-created and never-ending disasters. Just last week we exposed yet another Scientology social media fraud in which Scientology was caught using the clothed photos of nude model Lara Brooke to pretend she was a real Scientologist named Christiana Michael.

This exposure of social media fraud followed on the heels of Scientologist Jeffrey Spina pleading guilty in an $80 million Medicare insurance fraud scheme. Spina’s co-defendants are also Scientologists.

Spina’s guilty plea came right after the measles quarantine of Scientology’s MV Freewinds cruise ship. Scientology and its partner the Nation of Islam oppose vaccinations and so we can expect to see more disease outbreaks in both groups. The Centers for Disease Control predicts that Chicago, which is headquarters to the Nation of Islam, is at high risk for a widespread measles outbreak.

The measles quarantine on the MV Freewinds came in the wake of Scientologist David Gentile’s GPB Capital and Five Star Carting being raided by the FBI. The FBI raid followed ongoing investigations of GPB Capital by the US Securities & Exchange Commission, FINRA, and the BIC.

The FBI raids on GPB Capital were happened in the same time frame as a gruesome murder at a Scientology Org in Australia. The murder came after what police said was a domestic dispute caused by Scientology’s toxic policy of breaking up families. Scientology refuses to comment on the murder.

The murder was preceded by the uproar over Scientologist and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan calling Jews “termites” and engaging in another of his antisemitic rants about how Satanic Jews control Hollywood, professional sports, banking, and everything else. Scientologist Farrakhan was banned from Facebook for his longstanding pattern of racist outbursts.

Mr. Farrakhan’s rant was preceded by Tony Ortega breaking the story that Scientology salespeople had conspired to put an elderly man $75,000 in debt on credit cards and bank loans his income could not pay for. Scientology has since done this several times to senior citizens. Attorney Graham Berry is representing the victims.

Scientology’s self-created disasters are endless and have been going on for decades. The largest Scientology self-inflicted disaster was of course Program Snow White.

Before Scientology pretends that it can help at the scene of disasters it needs to stop creating its own disasters; this assuming such a thing is even possible as self-created disasters are inherent given Scientology’s destructive criminal behavior and disastrous policies.

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