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The Church of Scientology Now Using Its Old CNN Tactic Against Paul Buccieri of A&E

March 2010: The Church of Scientology claimed that CNN and Anderson Cooper would not meet with its officials. The fact is that Anderson Cooper had invited Scientology leader David Miscavige to appear on his program. Miscavige declined and instead sent his attorney to appear on his behalf to make a series of denials that her client had violently assaulted members of his staff.

March 2010: CNN was hours away from broadcasting Anderson Cooper’s week-long special on the Church of Scientology. Entitled Scientology: A History of Violence, the series laid bare the brutal internal culture of Scientology and exposed Scientology leader David Miscavige as a man who had inflicted violent physical assaults upon members of his staff who drew his ire.

The panicked officials in Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, led by then Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis, were ordered by Miscavige to stop the broadcast of Anderson Cooper’s series. The usual threat letters were sent to CNN from Scientology’s attorneys.

Tommy Davis, Norman Starkey, Cathy Bernardini, Guillaume Leserve and other Scientology Sea Org officials staged a phony event outside of CNN Corporate offices in Atlanta. The result was the photo which opens this article. Published in Scientology’s propaganda organ Freedom Magazine, the photo and the accompanying article claimed that Anderson Cooper would not take a meeting with Scientology officials and that these officials were not even allowed to drop by CNN Studios.

This was a ridiculous stunt. The Church of Scientology had known for months about the CNN show. CNN and Anderson Cooper had even invited Scientology leader David Miscavige to appear on the show. Scientology’s demand for a meeting was a last-minute attempt to keep CNN’s show from going to air. David Miscavige declined to appear on the show and instead sent his attorney Monique Yingling to appear on his behalf to explain why the beatings were handled internally by the Church and the victims were not allowed to file criminal assault charges against David Miscavige.

The Church Scientology is now playing this same old tired card against A&E President Paul Buccieri. Scientology is complaining that Mr. Buccieri will not meet with its officials concerning Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning A&E show Scientology and the Aftermath.

The Church of Scientology’s hypocrisy is staggering in this matter. Leah Remini’s show has run on A&E for three seasons. During those three seasons, the Church of Scientology has engaged in extremely vicious public Fair Game attacks on Paul Buccieri and other A&E executives. These attacks include hate websites that are still online.

In the staged photo below, we see Scientology operatives outside of A&E offices accusing Buccieri of spreading hate and of having blood on his hands:

Image result for Scientology and the Aftermath. Paul Buccieri

Scientology’s three years of nonstop malicious smears, attacks, and hate websites have targeted Disney, A&E’s advertisers, Paul Buccieri and other A&E executives. This is in addition to Scientology having its hired thugs stalk, harass, and intimidate the guests that have bravely appeared on the show with Leah and Mike. Over against its rampage of Fair Game, the Church of Scientology now plays the righteous victim and claims that Buccieri will not give Scientology officials a meeting.


Why would Mr. Buccieri give these clearly dangerous and unhinged Scientology jihadists a meeting? In any event, the Church of Scientology has been given an open invitation to appear on Scientology and the Aftermath to speak their minds. Why doesn’t Scientology gather up the executives who were so eager to talk to Anderson Cooper and have these execs talk directly to Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on camera for the entire world to see? Scientology’s Executive Director International Guillaume Leserve should most definitely appear on Scientology and the Aftermath to speak on behalf of his Church.

This latest display of Scientology hypocrisy comes days after Scientology Sea Org member Taryn Teutsch and her Scientology camera crew failed in their attempt last week to hijack a rape survivors rally — Denim Day — in order to promote Taryn’s thoroughly discredited attack on Mike Rinder. Taryn and her fellow OSA members were asked by event organizers to leave and this was caught on camera:

Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs also failed in its phony Interfaith event in which forged letters from Dr. Cecil Murray of USC were published in an attempt to force a meeting with Disney CEO Bob Iger. Mr. Iger has been so busy skyrocketing Disney’s stock price, as is his job, that his staff ignored the Scientology forged letters. Ever bellicose, the Church Scientology publicly called Dr. Murray a liar and insisted that he wrote the letters.

Scientology gave up on targeting Mr. Iger after its fake event at the gates of Disney Studios in Burbank failed. Tens of people attended the bogus Scientology event. The attendees were OSA members, a rented choir, and a few rented clerics. We were there watching Scientology trying to work this particular con job outside of Disney Studios. Taryn Teutsch’s attempt to run her disgraceful Scientology con job on the rape survivors at the Denim Day event was far worse than the Interfaith con. Taryn Teutsch appears to have no shame and certainly no moral conscience as she walks over the backs of rape survivors. Taryn does this to publicize Scientology’s rabid vendetta against Mike Rinder.

Scientology now demands a meeting with Mr. Buccieri. However, Mr. Buccieri has a network to run. He has a real job, this unlike the hacks at OSA whose social media fraud and machinations consist solely of attempting to destroy a television show that exposes the depravity of Scientology. These OSA staffers never address the substance of what is said on Scientology and the Aftermath but rather rage and lash out with lies, false accusations, and fraud.

Scientology can meet with Leah and Mike. However, a meeting with the actual hosts of the show would be far too dangerous for Scientology officials.

As always, Scientology leader David Miscavige will not appear anywhere to defend his Church. Miscavige remains in hiding and is nowhere to be seen.

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  1. The Church of Scientology is a disgrace. They obviously do not understand that this is the Information Age and that lying about crimes and moral shortcomings, i.e., “cover-ups” doesn’t work anymore and will only cause those problems to persist indefinitely. These days, that which is actually true eventually comes out. One would think that someone in the organization would have the wisdom to understand this fact.
    Dealing with situations like this in the Information Age begins with acknowledging the Truth. Then, perhaps expressing some honest remorse, making some effort at atonement, asking for forgiveness, etc.
    Then again, the COS is a one-man dictatorship and its “little dictator” is the principal source of those crimes and moral shortcomings. Unfortunately, his “worshippers” are too intimidated to raise their heads much less their voices.

  2. We faithfully watch Scientology and the Aftermath, never missing a program. I knew very little about Scientology but I knew enough to know that it was something I wanted to stay away from! Leah and Mike do an excellent job of showing exactly what monsters the Church is. There have been nights where I just can’t believe that they are allowed to get away with their reign of terror over past (and present) members. I hope Leah and Mike never give up in the fight against this abomination of a church that seeks to destroy those who have suffered the most at its hand.

  3. The Anderson Cooper interview gave us the ‘inch wives’…so funny, I love it – now this A&E fiasco, you’re calling them ‘scientology jihadists’…that’s good too. Does this stupid cult have any idea how much fun they provide for us?

  4. They are a dangerous origination run by a tyrant whose followers are typical cult followers.

  5. Great article, I hope we can break these people’s Scientology bonds.The author carried out a serious work to determine the functions of feedback or control in teaching a foreign language (S) to students of technical specialties. It is also important that E. V. Ryabtseva writes about the need to change the role of the teacher in the training of students OF the CU, as today the teacher in the University ceases to be the main source of information, he should rather guide the training, rather than manage it.

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