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More Scientology Lies: Cathy Bernardini Tries to Peddle Her Discredited Story about Mike Rinder

In an attempt to attack Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning show Scientology and the Aftermath, the Scientology Cult has just released a new video on Mike Rinder which features the mother-daughter soap opera team of Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini.

In this video, Cathy and Taryn rehash their stale pack of lies that the Scientology Money Project thoroughly debunked by citing the actual evidence from the Sheriff’s and Paramedics reports. See our previous report on the matter: The Paramedics Report on Cathy Bernardini: Why Taryn Teutsch’s Fair Game Attack on Mike Rinder Falls Apart

The story is well-known and the audio was recorded: A group of Scientologists ambushed Mike Rinder as he sat in his SUV in a Florida parking lot. Cathy and Taryn were there. The crazy mob of Scientologists began screaming obscenities at Mike. Mike pushed his way through this crazy mob of angry and insane Scientologists to get to his wife who was in a doctor’s office. Cathy got a minor abrasion on her arm. The Sheriff’s deputies on scene investigated and concluded there was only “incidental contact” made as Mike Rinder was trying to get away from the mob. For all we know, one of the Scientologists may have caused the abrasions in all of the commotion.

The Sheriff’s report and the Paramedics report are conclusive: There was no crime, and, Cathy Bernardini twice refused medical transport to the nearest hospital. She even signed documents indicating her refusal of medical transport. The paramedics applied a topical dressing and gauze to Cathy Bernardini’s forearm. The Sheriff arrived on scene and did not note any blood on the wall. Why Cathy Bernardini and Scientology even bother with these histrionics and lies shows the impact Leah Remini’s show is having.

In this latest video, soap opera actress Cathy Bernardini claims that blood was spurting from her arm after Mike attacked her. Blood covered the wall, Cathy claims. The problem is that blood was not spurting from her arm because there was no attack, and, blood could only have “spurted” from her arm if the ulnar or radial artery had been severed. Cathy had a skin abrasion and blood does not spurt from abrasions.

The event happened during the day. In this staged re-creation, the Scientology Cult has it happening at night with just Cathy and Taryn there:

However, at the end of this new attack video we see the Paramedics wait until the next day to “rush to treat his severely injured wife.” Ooops! Where is the story continuity editor at Scientology Media Productions? Did he or she blow?

Mike Rinder was talking to John Sweeney who was then with the BBC. The entire event was recorded by John Sweeney. Here is what actually happened:

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  1. All these mega corporation’s that pose as 501C3 tax free religions need to be shut down, they should be deemed as terrorists , that includes Jehovah’s witnesses , and Mormon’s and 7 day Adventists , they need to stop shunning ,and destroying families .

  2. Listening to the recorded conversation, it’s odd that no one is calling for an ambulance for a seriously injured woman. And Cathy and Taryn just go on and on verbally fighting with Mike as if nothing has happened? And the doctors don’t come outside to tend to the woman gushing blood & getting it all over the exterior walls of their building? So odd…almost like it didn’t happen.

  3. Advanced “cry wolf” Scientology tactics.

    If not for the despicable lawyers who back Scientology’s “cry wolf” (cry victim, etc.) tactics, and not for the cult mindset that Cathy and daughter are supported to retrain, there’d not be this discussion even.

    Scientology’s nastiness is L. Ron Hubbard policy driven, and cult institutionalized.

    L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy includes these smear web sites attacking “Scientology’s attackers.”

    Scientology nasty L. Ron Hubbard sick policies are still on Scientology’s books for their members to keep using, and keep proving how nasty and wrong Scientology is.

    Despicable Scientology and despicable L. Ron Hubbard’s “legacy.”

  4. One thing about Scientology/Scientologists/Sea Orgers – they consistently demonstrate to the world how crazy they are.

  5. …how did the paramedic transport team ever garner a signature or submit a legible report through all the blood and cracked bones… maybe she’s left handed or went exterior… good grief… I feel so embarrassed for them and I can’t even watch the whole clip! .

  6. You make an excellent point Robyn. How could Cathy Bernardini sign a release of medical treatment when arterial blood was spurting from her arm all over the wall and her right arm – and she is right-handed – was broken at the shoulder?

  7. Mountains of BS – that’s you can tell a Scientology crew has been in the area.

  8. The Cult of Scientology is great at staging shore stories. Clay Demos come to life, I hope Not! Yet Scientology continues to live in the past & slandering & making life miserable for those who tell the truth about it, is a rotten cycle that is endless within the group.🥀

  9. Arm broken at the shoulder, blood spurting from burst arteries? All from incidental contact, while being pressed by multiple assailants, members of a bizarre space-alien cult?

    Mike – The great City of Metropolis has an immediate opening. I mean, it’s super. Great boots, tights, and cape provided, plus all the change you can shake out of crook’s pockets. Contact Perry White c/o The Daily Planet. Hurry, better fly, ’cause there’s an apocalypse here in Metropolis every Thursday at 2 pm.

    p.s. don’t let the resident hottie Lois Lane know you are married – suggest a super disguise, like wearing glasses and acting like you just fell off a turnip truck.

    p.p.s watch out for a little creep carrying an oversized camera – wonder what shortcoming he’s trying to make up for? Anyway, his name is Jimmy Olsen – and he *did* just fall off a turnip truck.

    p.p.p.s. You can type, right?

    p.p.p.p.s. You’re not allergic to rocks, are you? The last guy with this job kept taking sick day after sick day, claimed he was allergic to rocks, called them Kryptonite or something. Can you can believe that? I finally had to send him back to the farm. How can you depend on a guy allergic to rocks?

  10. …and now whatever fresh hell this Truth Newsroom twitter front is… all we can hope is that their “gripping” revelation is Shelly Miscavige… I hope I’m not the only one who got a good giggle at the irony of their name while they tag the National Enquirer… just embarrassing!

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