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Scientology Cowardice: Why is the Church Too Afraid to Allow Any of Its People to be Interviewed by Leah Remini & Mike Rinder?

The Church of Scientology sells itself on how it can significantly improve a person’s communication skills. Scientology also talks about how it can help people confront anything in life. This type of sales pitch is especially used on actors, salespeople, business owners and others who need superb communication and interpersonal skills to succeed.

However, when it comes to Scientology putting any of its people in front of a camera on Leah Remini’s show that is a different matter. Suddenly, all Scientologists have zero communications skills and no ability to confront anything. While Scientologists are quick to put up sleazy hate websites and use hired thugs to do their dirty work, Scientologists themselves are tremendous personal cowards in real life when it comes to confronting their critics and ex-Scientologists.

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  1. I am so ready for a new season of Aftermath – hurry up people, no way you’re gonna cancel a hit show. Those cult cowards aren’t gonna do anything…let’s go.

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