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Scientology Boss David Miscavige Panics; Brings in Kirstie Alley to Engage in Sleazy Fair Game Campaign Against Mike Rinder

Even as Scientology Cult boss David Miscavige keeps his wife Shelly Miscavige locked away in a high security Scientology facility, he has been trying to hijack the #MeToo movement in order to engage in a sleazy Scientology Fair Game attack against Mike Rinder.

Taryn Teutsch having proved to be an epic failure, David Miscavige has now brought Kirstie Alley into the Fair Game attacks on Mike Rinder:

Kirstie Alley? Seriously? Kirstie Alley has tweeted about her compulsion to slug people “in the vagina or the nuts” in order to shame them:

Kirstie advocates physical violence even as Taryn Teutsch demands that physically violent people be put in a special registry just like sex offenders. To follow Taryn’s logic, then, Kirstie Alley would need to be placed in such a registry given her publicly stated desire to slug people in their genitals in order to humiliate them. This is grotesque on Kirstie Alley’s part and yet Kirstie is apparently the only Scientologist David Miscavige has available to go on the attack.

David Miscavige is clearly panicking as Leah Remini’s show gears up for season three. He has to do something and all he has right now is Kirstie Alley. Kirstie’s more memorable photos show her hostility:

What is David Miscavige thinking?

As we have made clear in our previous posts, Mike Rinder was in his car making calls in a parking lot in Florida in 2010. Suddenly he was ambushed by an angry lynch mob of Scientologists that included Taryn Teutsch, Mike’s ex-wife Cathy Bernardini, and others. Mike was on the phone with John Sweeney who was then with the BBC. Sweeney recorded the debacle in which Taryn and Cathy scream and drop the F bomb. This is what Taryn is hiding. This is what Taryn is lying about:

Taryn’s uncontrolled and profane rage in this recording show what really happened in that parking lot in 2010. The Sheriff’s report said there was no injury, no victim, and only “incidental contact” as Mike made his way through the Scientology mob in order to get to his then fiance Christie Collbran.

Taryn Teutsch is trying to spin an eight year old Scientology ambush — and one in which she herself participated — into an absurd and concocted story that never happened. While Taryn has managed to con some trusting people, these people have been informed of her con job. This effort to expose Scientology’s lies and Fair Game will continue.

As the ample body of evidence in our previous posts has shown, Taryn’s campaign of lies is fraudulent:

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  1. Who is Kirstie Alley? When was the last time she made a movie? She probably needs to shed some body thetans so she can start finding work again.

  2. She’s been too busy trying to lose weight to make anything of value. It doesn’t make sense either because stuff like Weight watchers or Jenny Craig goes against the princinples of Scientology which is supposed to have all the answers.

  3. Thank you. To me I see panic & desperation in cob & his cult of Scientology. Money he may have but the Truth of his scam Church keeps eluding him & he is so entrenched in the evil he & Ron created, he will only fall harder & deeper into the torrent of Lies which Scientology spews. Taryn, Kirsty, are puppets in the crushing wheel of Scientology Policy. 🖤 black hearted is what Scientology is…

  4. Buried in the the screaming and cursing, you will hear what I feel is the most important part of the audio. Just before the 10:00 mark, she demands that he stops doing what he is doing. He says, I won’t. She then questions why he is doing this and is it worth it?! He answers “To save you.” To the family that is rejecting, attacking, cursing, shaming and abusing him , he says, “To save you.” To me this is the most powerful part of this audio. And he has not stopped fighting to save them in all these years.

  5. Why can’t Mike rinder get a lawyer and press for harassment charges . It seems the press knows its harassing so should a lawyer. The title says it all. Boss David Miscavage . Not the church of scientology that’s the case Right there in b look back and white. C’mon Mike Rinder play ball get a lawyer press charges.

  6. What a charming lot of people they are and Kirstie Alley is obviously from the same mould!

  7. Unfortunately with it being under the “Fair Game” Rule and Scientology being a “Church”, No lawyer will help. Scientology has the best lawyers in LA and around the world to cover their bases and many lawsuits that have gone up against Scientology and David Miscavage have lost or settled outside of court.

  8. What has Kirstie Alley done in the last several years? Has she even bothered to act? Or is she still looking to gain fame by claiming she’s losing weight again? Seriously Kirstie, go away. No one cares about you anymore. Stop acting like you’re relevant!

  9. Im not shocked at Scientologist using this type of language, when ur losing the battle you resort to vulgar language & vulgar deeds…….There has to be something to their work (Leah, Mike) or Scientologist would not be doing such evil things against them………Im with you Leah & Mike, I have watched your reporting on A&E, thank you all the others who help you (Im bad with names).
    I use to be a fan of Kristie but Im not anymore, just on principals & Tom Cruise well thank goodness Nicole got away

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