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Scientology Psycho-Terrorists Chris Smith and Randy Stith Strike in Hollywood!

Another Tony Ortega Exclusive: Scientology psycho-terrorists Chris Smith and Randy Stith attempt to ambush Marty Rathbun on a backstreet in Hollywood.

Smith and Stith are so vile and disgusting as to ask if Rathbun is making money off his adopted child. The Cult of Scientology is always looking to plumb new depths in depravity and Smith and Stith are more than willing to oblige. Moreover, Scientology cultists once again demonstrate how they can be both shameless and vicious; and this while delusionally declaring themselves to be part of the most ethical group on the planet. Due to the bizarre behavior of its adherents, the Church of Scientology has become a disturbing study in the psychopathology and inherent violence of cults.

Acting upon orders from David Miscavige, Scientologists Chris Smith and Randy Stith are the new faces of Scientology insanity, the new Squirrel Busters. It is clear that Scientology Cult Leader David Miscavige is back on the warpath and has sent his most rabid and lunatic followers into LAX and now Hollywood.

In context, Mark “Marty” Rathbun is assisting the BBC in making a documentary about Scientology. This documentary project includes acclaimed documentarian Louis Theroux.  This Psycho-Terror attack on the part of the Church of Scientology clearly appears to be an attempt to impeach the BBC documentary by provoking Rathbun to act out in some untoward manner while he is being taped by Scientology agents. This appears to be the same motive that provoked David Miscavige’s attack-by-proxy upon Rathbun at LAX:

My opinion is that David Miscavige is using agents provocateur to engage in industrial espionage and tortious interference. From this perspective, Miscavige and his agents are actors in a conspiracy; they are specifically acting in concert to kill the BBC documentary in utero. Thus, Miscavige is once again attempting to force an abortion upon others. Miscavige is once again attempting to kill that which he does not want. The murderous energy of forced abortion in Scientology speaks to the very nature and essence of David Miscavige.

In terms of Scientology’s dubious 501(c)(3) status, it is worth asking if Miscavige may spend tax exempt dollars on the intelligence operatives needed to locate Rathbun. Moreover, how is a CCHR filmmaker (and I use that term loosely) being paid to harass a former Church member? Is Cult Spy Boss Linda Hamel — as usual — funding this operation from her budget?

Smith and Stith perhaps felt emboldened to strike as LAPD Captain David Storaker is in Scientology’s back  pocket and just a phone call away.  Storaker is Patrol Commanding Officer of the Hollywood Area. Duty logs should be checked to see if the Scientology ambush of Rathbun went down while Storaker was on duty. It would be very much like Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs to ensure that Storaker was on duty when a dirty OSA Op went down in Hollywood. Personally, I wonder if an unmarked LAPD car was watching this operation go down. I ask because LAPD was more than happy to help the Church of Scientology by placing a fake ice truck at an early Anonymous protest in Hollywood. There were also uniformed LAPD, snipers, and undercover agents; LAPD has been in bed with Scientology for decades from Parker Center to Piper Tech to Hollywood to Foothill.

LAPD Fake Ice Truck Used Against Anonymous in 2008 at a Protest of Scientology.

LAPD Fake Ice Truck Used Against Anonymous in 2008 at a Protest of Scientology.

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  1. Miscavige makes money hand over fist using children. He exploits them anyway he can. He has forced women to abort their children. He does not see children as viable unless he can find a way to control them or their parents. Miscavige should be hog-tied and dragged into that Texas courtroom to explain himself. He knew about the Rathbun adoption before the birth of the child. How? He was not an invited guest in their home. He hired people like the moron twins to spy.
    This should have been over years ago. The LAPD gives us an up close view of what feeds the Miscavige Scientology beast. They do. Where are the checks and balances to prevent this abuse of tax money. Why the derelict of duty Captain David Storaker? Just how deep are you into the business known as David Miscavige Scientology??

  2. Could it be that DM’s masterplan was to upset Rathbun so much that Rathbun would physically touch Chris Smith and then get Rathbun arrested by LAPD (like the Squirrel Busters did when they harrased Monique at Rathbuns home) ? “Doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet” from the “Affluence attainment formular”

  3. In May of 2006, former LA Sheriff Lee Baca was honored by Scientology by giving him the “Spirit of the Community ” award. A short time later Baca endorsed the development of a Narconon drug program Scientology wished to open in L.A. County. I sent a letter to Baca informing him of the direct connection between Scientology and Narconon and offered to meet with him along with others who could describe their experiences with the group. Some of those experiences were legally questionable. I shared my concern that Baca was alleged to have appointed Heber Jentzch to a committee of clergymen who were a resource to the Sheriff. He headed the L.A. unit of Scientology. By the way, he has disappeared from sight for the last five years or so. Many he is being held against his will in Rehabilitation Force Project against his will..

    I received a response from Sgt. Henry Garza, Baca’s staff person, stating that Baca would meet with me and others who had serious concerns about the group to “work out our differences”. Since when does a police official want to bring together people who may have issues of a legal nature to settle their differences.

    And another concern is an allegation that an attorney for Scientology, in a case brought by a young man was induced to give Scientology much of the monetary settlement he had for an accident. Scientology lost that case. I have been told (it needs to be verified) that that attorney is now working for the L.A. Police Commission. Of interest is the fact that a missing person suit was filed regarding the disappearance of the wife of the head to Scientology. She had not been seen in public for years. Evidently she was questioned by the LAPD. The simple response given was that she did not claim she was being forced to stay out of sight. Was that hearing held by that individual who represented Scientology in the case mentioned above?

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