The Scientology Money Project

J. Augustine — Chart 4

Intended to be read from bottom to top, this is the latest draft copy in my series of wall charts that attempt to explain the Church of Scientology.

Chart 4 argues that the weak link in the Church of Scientology is the Sea Org.

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  1. Some of it sounds unrealistic. Cult members will stop reading after a few words.
    Anyway, I have to add my item to the list of fair game tactics.
    Getting hold of children:
    My ex was in contact with cult lawyers. I can prove this. She was told to invent a polive story and call them as soon as I would show up to pick up my kids, what was a standard procedure. I still do not know all allegations, the police refused to tell me. This was Kafkaesque. Good work from the cult lawyer. The hints I have range from child abuse to emotional instability and insanity. The Police frequently asked if I was emotionally unstable. Sure, I was then, because the immediate effect was that I couldn’t see my kidsister anymore. As soon as I showed up to talk to them the police was called and told that I was harassing my ex. She used harassment law, very smart. This way there was no need to maintain her allegations.

    The landline phone was cut, the house door taped from inside, the mobile phones taken away from my children, the school informed and the children indoctrinated.

    The court case fell apart on the very first day. The judge had a talk to my ex to wake up. It obviously wasn’t the first case of that kind. But she had already managed to take my kids away and influence them for months. Legal prosecutions take very long. And the goal was not to win, but to harass.

    It was the worst time in my life. I was attacked at work, I couldn’t talk to my kids and suffered from sleepless nights.

    Guses why I became a cult enemy!

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