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Ray Jeffrey Files Petition to Depose Mark & Monique Rathbun on their Finances

July 24, 2017: As reported today by Tony Ortega, attorney Ray Jeffrey has filed a petition with the District Court of Bexar County, Texas to examine the financial records Mark & Monique Rathbun. This is a matter arising from Monique Rathbun’s sudden and unexpected firing of her legal team and dropping her legal case against David Miscavige et. al.

The poster TX Lawyer commented on the Underground Bunker today:

Just to put this in context, this is what’s known in Texas civil litigation as a Rule 202 petition, which allows a potential plaintiff to obtain a court order to take a deposition even where a lawsuit is not pending, so long as you are doing it to investigate a potential claim or suit (or to preserve the witness’s testimony for use in an anticipated suit). They’re a pretty common procedure here in Texas, and most judges routinely grant them when requested. I do note that those document requests are awfully broad, so I would not be surprised if the judge pares them back if the Rathbuns object.

Tony is right that the Bexar County courts use a rotating docket for motions hearings, so you rarely know who’s going to decide your motion before you show up for the 9 am cattle call. And the 15 days referenced in the motion is the minimum amount of notice you have to give to the prospective witness, after the petition has been served on them, before the hearing can be held. It’s unclear whether the Rathbuns have been served yet, but you would ordinarily expect service to have happened by now. So whoever’s watching the docket sheet should look out for return of service and any notice of hearing.

As a practical matter, no halfway competent attorney would ever sue a client on an unpaid contingency fee unless they had a pretty good idea that some kind of payment or exchange was made. If the Church did make any kind of payment to Marty, either as a settlement or for his recent propaganda services, it’s going to be found pretty readily.

And here’s something to keep an eye on: If and when the Rathbuns respond to the 202 petition, who is their lawyer going to be?

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What happens when Scientology helps you reach ‘your full potential’

(Note: This article originally appeared on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker)

Jeffrey Augustine is back to help us think about the message in Scientology’s newest ad…

This year’s Scientology Super Bowl commercial was pretty much like the previous four: It looked like those slick Apple ads from a decade ago, and it tries to give you the warm and fuzzies about learning things about yourself.

This year’s ad concluded with these lines…

…Through all of life’s journey
There’s no language adequate to describe
The ultimate heights you can attain…
Your full potential

Those lines are heard as images of a young woman is taking the sensors for the Scientology E-meter — she’s about to unleash her full potential because she’s engaging in Scientology. That’s the point, right? And now, at Scientology’s website, you can see the same slogan…

Like its previous ads, Scientology’s commercial really doesn’t tell you anything about how Scientology works or what you’ll be asked to accept if you join. So what does it mean that Scientology will help you reach “your full potential”?

In its early history, Scientology made a lot of exorbitant claims about what it could do. L. Ron Hubbard claimed that his “technology” could cure diabetes, allergies, cancer, and other diseases, as well teach people how to “go exterior with full perception” — leave your body at will. In other words, reaching your full potential meant becoming a superhuman with amazing powers.

But is that what Scientology delivers? Seeing this new slogan made us think about some famous cases in Scientology history. Did these people reach their “full potential”?

Lisa McPherson tried to reach her full potential in Scientology. She was from Dallas and had moved to Florida to be at Scientology’s “spiritual mecca,” the Flag Land Base. Scientology leader David Miscavige himself decided in the summer of 1995 that she had gone “Clear,” a major step for a Scientologist. But then what happened over the next few months is a tragic story that this website has told in real time, on the 20th anniversary of Lisa’s death.

Steve Brackett, the one-time fiancé of The Simpsons voice actress Nancy Cartwright and a high-level “OT” Scientologist, never reached his full potential in Scientology because, facing bankruptcy and financial ruin in a church where money is everything, he jumped off the Highway 1 Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur coast of California and plunged nearly 200 feet to his death sometime in the darkness of the very early morning hours of May 28, 2009.

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis never reached his full potential in Scientology. He murdered his landlady, killed her cat, and then fell or jumped to his death from a roof in darkness in 2012.


Jenny Linson, Marc Yager, and Dave Bloomberg, three high-ranking Scientology officials, are seen acting like lunatics at Los Angeles International Airport. Is this the full potential they were aiming for?

William “Rex” Fowler never reached his full potential in Scientology. Following a bitter dispute over Fowler’s large donation of company funds to Scientology, Fowler shot and killed his business partner in cold blood and then turned his 9mm Glock pistol on himself. Fowler’s suicide attempt failed, and he was prosecuted and sentenced to life in prison. As police were still investigating the crime scene, Fowler’s Scientologist wife arrived and insisted to police that she be allowed to take her husband’s briefcase as it contained classified Scientology OT materials. The police refused her demand. The briefcase was later returned.

Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International, never realized his full potential in Scientology because he’s been imprisoned in “The Hole” since 2004, let out only occasionally for a few appearances.

Charles Manson spent some of the 1960s at the federal penitentiary on McNeil Island in Washington State. During that time, he got into Scientology and did quite a bit of auditing — his warden at the time even said it was good to see that Charlie was applying himself to something. But Charlie didn’t reach his full potential with Scientology. When he got out of prison he put together his own amalgamation of ideas as he gathered The Family around him and committed some of the most famous murders of all time.

Reed Slatkin never reached his full potential in Scientology. Instead, he was caught swindling $593 million in a Ponzi scheme and was sent to prison. Slatkin was very generous with his stolen money and donated a great deal of it to the Church of Scientology. After his arrest and conviction, the Church of Scientology was forced to give back some of the money Slatkin had donated, although the church fought having to return the funds. Slatkin died of a heart attack in 2015, two years after being released from incarceration.

A legendary auditor and “Tech Wizard” in Scientology, Class XII Case Supervisor David Mayo was the Senior Case Supervisor International (C/S INT) for all of Scientology. Mayo had been widely credited with having saved L. Ron Hubbard from death in 1978 by using a special program of auditing that later became the basis of NED for OT’s. Mayo was regarded as Hubbard’s successor on the Tech lines of the Church. However, David Mayo fell on the wrong side of things politically in the aftermath of Snow White Program and the widespread paranoia it created inside of Scientology. Hubbard turned on Mayo and declared him an SP. Mayo infuriated Hubbard and Scientology when he defied them by opening his acclaimed Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara in 1983. Countless Scientologists left the Church to receive services from Mayo and his team at the AAC. David Mayo quickly became the target of Scientology’s wrath and an incredible program of Fair Game ensued. In a 2013 interview with Tony Ortega, Jon Atack said of David Mayo:

David Mayo was harassed for years. He was the subject of at least one murder attempt. I spent a month in Palo Alto in 1986, where I first interviewed Mayo and I was impressed by his sober grasp. He described without rancor the horrors of his own treatment -– for instance, being forced to run round a pole planted in the desert for hours on end –- and he was very precise. I was most impressed by his obvious distress when adulated, which happened a few times during my stays in Palo Alto. He very obviously didn’t want to assume Hubbard’s narcissistic mantle. I’m very glad that he didn’t take Scientology over, because I might have been tempted to stay in the fold. Wherever he is now, I wish him peace and fulfillment. He deserves it.

Music legend Isaac Hayes had won an Academy award, a Golden Globe, and three Grammys but he had declared bankruptcy in 1977, beset by financial and legal problems. He became a Scientologist in the early 1990s, and then enjoyed a profitable second career when he became the voice of “Chef” on a new animated cable show South Park. Chef proved to be a lucrative role for Hayes and allowed him to support his fourth wife and their young child. Following South Park’s airing of its Scientology parody “Trapped in the Closet” on November 16, 2005, Hayes was heavily pressured by Scientology to resign from the show. Hayes subsequently suffered a debilitating stroke in January 2006. Hayes’ son Isaac Hayes III said in a 2016 interview that someone in Scientology quit the South Park job on his father’s behalf in March 2006. Having lost his substantial South Park income, the post-stroke Hayes was forced to relearn the piano and return to the grueling life of touring on the road in order to earn a living. Hayes collapsed on a treadmill in his Memphis home and died at age 65 on August 10, 2008.

Declared the “World’s First Clear” on March 9, 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard, John McMaster was a celebrated and charismatic Scientology goodwill ambassador. McMaster traveled the world for many years on speaking tours, television appearance, and radio interviews where he extolled Hubbard and Scientology’s tech. A closeted gay man in a homophobic Church, McMaster was routinely punished by L. Ron Hubbard, who ordered him overboarded on the flagship Apollo numerous times. On one trip over the side of the ship, McMaster’s shoulder was seriously injured and was temporarily paralyzed. After years of faithful service while enduring abusive treatment and being paid slave wages, John McMaster left Scientology in November 1969 after being excommunicated by Hubbard. Hubbard’s hateful order read in part, “John McMaster is assigned a condition of Treason for rendering himself liable to blackmail by reason of his homosexual activities.”

Born in 1956, Annie Tidman was an original Commodore’s Messenger who served L. Ron Hubbard aboard the Apollo. Annie married Pat Broeker in 1978, and Hubbard left Hemet in 1980 to go into permanent hiding, he took his trusted aides Pat and Annie with him. Hubbard eventually settled in at his secret ranch in Creston, California in 1983. Pat and Annie lived on the ranch and took care of Hubbard in his final years. After Hubbard’s death in January 1986, Pat and Annie were thought to be potential successors because Hubbard had anointed them with the special title “Loyal Officers.” But David Miscavige pushed them out of the way to take over control of the church. Pat and Annie divorced, and Annie lived at Scientology’s secretive “Int Base” near Hemet, California as a loyal Sea Org member. She was later moved to an apartment in Hollywood to suffer the final stages of cancer. Her own family didn’t learn of her 2011 death at 55 until about six months later.

Is Shelly Miscavige reaching her full potential? It’s hard to know, because since 2005 she’s been kept at a super-secretive Scientology base in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead, California. At one time, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige was a major church executive in her own right, but since her banishment Shelly has been seen in public only once, at her father’s 2007 funeral in the presence of a Scientology “handler.” A new sighting of Shelly suggests that she’s still at the mountain compound, and in frail health.

Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of L. Ron Hubbard, never reached her full potential in Scientology because she was sent to prison for her part in the Snow White Program, which she oversaw. After her release from prison, Mary Sue was pushed out of her role as a church executive by David Miscavige, and she lived in Los Feliz with Scientology handlers watching her. She died from breast cancer and COPD on November 25, 2002 at the age of 71.

L. Ron Hubbard never exhibited the potential that he promised for others that would come from Scientology. He was not clairvoyant, did not have total recall, and he was certainly not impervious to disease. On January 24, 1986, he died of a stroke while in hiding, estranged from his wife Mary Sue and their children, and with the psychiatric drug Vistaril in his blood.
— Jeffrey Augustine

Scientology Psycho-Terrorists Chris Smith and Randy Stith Strike in Hollywood!

Another Tony Ortega Exclusive: Scientology psycho-terrorists Chris Smith and Randy Stith attempt to ambush Marty Rathbun on a backstreet in Hollywood.

Smith and Stith are so vile and disgusting as to ask if Rathbun is making money off his adopted child. The Cult of Scientology is always looking to plumb new depths in depravity and Smith and Stith are more than willing to oblige. Moreover, Scientology cultists once again demonstrate how they can be both shameless and vicious; and this while delusionally declaring themselves to be part of the most ethical group on the planet. Due to the bizarre behavior of its adherents, the Church of Scientology has become a disturbing study in the psychopathology and inherent violence of cults.

Acting upon orders from David Miscavige, Scientologists Chris Smith and Randy Stith are the new faces of Scientology insanity, the new Squirrel Busters. It is clear that Scientology Cult Leader David Miscavige is back on the warpath and has sent his most rabid and lunatic followers into LAX and now Hollywood.

In context, Mark “Marty” Rathbun is assisting the BBC in making a documentary about Scientology. This documentary project includes acclaimed documentarian Louis Theroux.  This Psycho-Terror attack on the part of the Church of Scientology clearly appears to be an attempt to impeach the BBC documentary by provoking Rathbun to act out in some untoward manner while he is being taped by Scientology agents. This appears to be the same motive that provoked David Miscavige’s attack-by-proxy upon Rathbun at LAX:

My opinion is that David Miscavige is using agents provocateur to engage in industrial espionage and tortious interference. From this perspective, Miscavige and his agents are actors in a conspiracy; they are specifically acting in concert to kill the BBC documentary in utero. Thus, Miscavige is once again attempting to force an abortion upon others. Miscavige is once again attempting to kill that which he does not want. The murderous energy of forced abortion in Scientology speaks to the very nature and essence of David Miscavige.

In terms of Scientology’s dubious 501(c)(3) status, it is worth asking if Miscavige may spend tax exempt dollars on the intelligence operatives needed to locate Rathbun. Moreover, how is a CCHR filmmaker (and I use that term loosely) being paid to harass a former Church member? Is Cult Spy Boss Linda Hamel — as usual — funding this operation from her budget?

Smith and Stith perhaps felt emboldened to strike as LAPD Captain David Storaker is in Scientology’s back  pocket and just a phone call away.  Storaker is Patrol Commanding Officer of the Hollywood Area. Duty logs should be checked to see if the Scientology ambush of Rathbun went down while Storaker was on duty. It would be very much like Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs to ensure that Storaker was on duty when a dirty OSA Op went down in Hollywood. Personally, I wonder if an unmarked LAPD car was watching this operation go down. I ask because LAPD was more than happy to help the Church of Scientology by placing a fake ice truck at an early Anonymous protest in Hollywood. There were also uniformed LAPD, snipers, and undercover agents; LAPD has been in bed with Scientology for decades from Parker Center to Piper Tech to Hollywood to Foothill.

LAPD Fake Ice Truck Used Against Anonymous in 2008 at a Protest of Scientology.

LAPD Fake Ice Truck Used Against Anonymous in 2008 at a Protest of Scientology.

Did the Church of Scientology Violate the Law When It Harrassed Marty Rathbun at LAX?

The video of Church of Scientology executives harassing former Church official Marty “Mark” Rathbun went viral:

It was completely reprehensible, outrageous, and irresponsible for the three Scientology officials to have entered a US airport for the purposes of harassing one individual.

One would think the Church of Scientology would have the common sense and decency to not risk disrupting airport operations in order to act as agents provocateur for David Miscavige.

A single event can shut down an entire airport, delay flights, and cause psychological distress for passengers. Why the Church chose to engage in such preposterous behavior at a high-security US airport raises serious concerns that should be investigated by law enforcement.

The three Scientology officials may have broken  several laws by harassing Mr. Rathbun inside a US airport:

1. The Scientology executives are members of a tax-exempt 501(c)3 group, and, they acted in concert in what certainly appears to be a staged operation deliberately designed to create or provoke an adverse incident at a major high-security US airport.

2. The US Supreme Court long ago ruled that, “An airport terminal operated by a public authority is a non-public forum.” In other words, the Church of Scientology agents were not in a public forum. This may prove to be an important distinction.

3.  US airports are multi-jurisdictional non-public forums. Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of LAX, the Scientology officials have left themselves open to investigation by many different agencies. Moreover, numerous interior and exterior LAX surveillance cameras filmed the Scientology agents.

LAX serves about 220,000 passengers a day.  Why did the Church of Scientology choose to risk disrupting passengers and various law enforcement agencies at LAX? Law enforcement is at LAX to protect the public; an airport is no place for the Church of Scientology to carry on a vendetta.

Were tax-exempt dollars spent? If so, were laws broken during this potentially illegal expenditure of tax-exempt monies? Who inside of Scientology ordered this action? These may prove to be questions that law enforcement will investigate.

This event was another incredibly ill-advised misadventure on the part of the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige.

This writer salutes Marty Rathbun for his calm demeanor and composure in dealing with angry cult members at LAX.

EDIT: Our sources tell us the following:

1. Jenny Linson, Dave Bloomberg, and Marc Yager have replaced the post of WDC OSA Legal previously held by Mike Rinder. They operate from the building that was previously CMO Gold. 

2. The LAX incident was “striking an effective blow” in order for the SP Hole Legal “Troika” to get out of a lower condition. If so, this is proof of the insanity in which the upper management of the Church is engulfed.

“Troika” is from the Russian тройка and refers to a triumvirate or a group of three. In the Stalinist Era in Russia, the notorious NKVD troika conducted show trials (kangaroo courts) and imprisoned or executed those deemed enemies of Stalin.