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Lawyers In, Lawyers Out

My new insight into the Church of Scientology:

Lawyers In, Lawyers Out.


LILO is what Scientology is actually all about. A person signs contracts on the way in, keeps signing contracts while in, and signs contracts on the way out. The Church later uses these contracts against a person if they sue after having realized what a malicious and greedy con job the entire Church of Scientology is.

Said another way, the Fair Game of Contracts is practiced inside the Church against all Scientologists. Scientology’s system of unconscionable contracts of adhesion is written and defended by scumbag lawyers like Bert Deixler. These contracts argue that the Church of Scientology is an unrestrained fascist capitalist business deliberately masquerading as a religion in order to maximize profits. Scientology’s lawyers are part of the false enrichment conspiracy operated for the sole benefit of David Miscavige.

Scientology’s lawyers do not care about the human suffering and misery inside the Church; they have gladly traded their souls for the big Scientology paychecks. It’s their Karma.

The website has many Church of Scientology contracts listed here:

Scientology Contracts Research Index

The words of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard need to be updated and corrected to read:

The way out is through lawyers.


In terms of contracts, the Church of Scientology’s conduct is especially malicious in three areas:

1. The Church gives laypeople contracts and asks them to sign on the spot. The Church does not recommend or advise its own members that these contracts involve serious risks to parishioners and should be reviewed by an attorney.

2. The Church does not give people copies of the contracts they sign. The Church makes
people ask for a copy. If people ask, the Church may view them with suspicion and can order them into Ethics.

3. The Church uses bad faith contracts of adhesion to systemically strip its own members of as many Constitutional rights as possible, This is arguably illegal and conspiratorial as, imo,there is premeditation, self-dealing, and malice present on the part of the Church.

The Church of Scientology is filthy and a great deal of public and media focus needs to be put on its system of scammy contracts that even used car dealers would be too ashamed to foist upon their customers.

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  1. So precisely and concisely said my outrage about the legal system and attorneys for sale without conscience is rekindled to full blaze. So well written, Jeffrey.

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