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The Core of Scientology is Its Malicious System of Sham Contracts

As reported by Tony Ortega, the Church of Scientology has moved to strike the affidavit of Mike Rinder in the Garcia case.

Essentially, the Church of Scientology wants to prevent  the  Garcia’s from using Rinder’s specific knowledge that Scientology created sham legal documents designed to deter and defeat refund requests from Scientologists who request refunds.


As we noted in our earlier blog entry, the entire purpose of Scientology contracts is to legally cripple its own members:

How Scientology Inc. Legally Cripples Its Own Members: The Four Unconscionable Contracts

Taken altogether, the contracts of adhesion employed by the Church of Scientology constitute a pattern of bad faith, fraud, and a willful and malicious intent to deceive new members at the outset.

The real core of Scientology is composed of its malicious system of sham contracts.

The intake system used by the Church is designed to strip a person of all of their civil rights from the very beginning. The Church’s fascist demand that members forfeit their Constitutional rights as a precondition of membership and participation is an indictment of the Church as a malicious entity. The series of contracts reveal an intent on the part of the Church, its agents, and even its own clergy to harm Scientologists in various ways while attempting to evade the legal consequences of the harm the Church inflicts upon people.

Scientology’s malicious and unconscionable contracts constitute bad faith and fraud on the part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology churches. Furthermore, the “ecclesiastical hierarchy” is nothing more than a franchise system designed to cheat and defraud customers under the ruse of selling religious goods and services,

The “Church” itself does not stand behind the goods and services it sells and will, generally speaking, not issue refund as it told the IRS.  Refunds are only given if sufficient legal threat is leveled. For this reason, imo, anyone seeking a refund should instead consider suing individual churches, the Church of Scientology International, RTC, CST, and David Miscavige by name. These lawsuits should be widely publicized.

My personal emphasis in Scientology criticism long ago shifted away from space opera and celebrities and towards the legal and corporate framework — and in particular the bogus and malicious system of contracts at the heart of the Church of Scientology.

Once you strip away  “Xenu and the celebrities” what is the Church of Scientology in actuality?

The answer is simple: A dishonest and greedy franchise system that hides behind malicious contracts and 501(c)3 status. Once the 501(c)3 status is revoked, the franchise system will fall apart under legal scrutiny.


Enabled and assisted in its various frauds by its cretinous and despicable non-Scientology lawyers, the Church of Scientology never discloses or makes known to new members he intrinsically dishonest nature of the Church of Scientology and its system of sham contracts, bonds, waivers, interrogations, disconnection, fines, and penalties. The unalloyed malice of the Church of Scientol0gy against its own members speaks to the inherent paranoia, deceit,  aggression, and treachery of the Church.

To be as blunt as possible: You will be cheated, tricked, lied to, abused, and deceived in every way possible once you become a member of the Church of Scientology. And there is nothing you can do about it because you have signed away all of your civil rights as a precondition of joining the Church.

A Scientologist cannot sue the Church on its own terms or he or she will lose. The Church a rigged casino, a Mafia with its own rules.

Therefore, the Scientology system of contracts has to be put on trial. The system of contracts is designed to to deprive all Scientologists — Sea Org, Staff, and Publics — of their Constitutional rights.

IMO, this is the essence of the matter: The Scientology “religion” cannot be put on trial in America but its system of sham contracts can and should be put on trial.


Scientology’s motion to strike Mike Rinder’s affidavit:


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  1. Still_On_Your_Side posted this outstanding at the Underground Bunker:

    “So, the church files a committee of evidence document that it claims supports its arbitration argument. The court orders the church to prove how this document supports its arbitration claims. The church submits an affidavit in response but fails to explain how the committee of evidence document supports its argument since the document fails to mention the word ‘arbitration’ even once. Babbitt files an affidavit from Mike Rinder in response in which Rinder states that he has personal knowledge that the church has never had any arbitration rules, and he states that the committee of evidence document does not mention the word arbitration even once. Now the church wants Rinder’s affidavit struck because he is a ‘paid witness’ allegedly testifying about old church, attorney-client communications and because Babbitt allegedly shared current attorney client communications with him.”

    “The church’s motion to strike is an ill-conceived disaster that will backfire on it. Not only has the church failed to provide the court what it expressly asked for, but it makes scurrilous claims about Babbitt. The church’s motion, written by lawyers who for some reason chose to believe unsupported lies from their client, will probably anger the court. The court did not ask the church to submit its committee of evidence document, it asked the church to explain how this unasked for document was relevant. The church failed to do so, and now has turned this unauthorized submission of a committee of evidence document into an attack on Babbitt AND the court’s prior denial of the church’s motion to disqualify Garcia’s legal team. Could the church’s attorneys have made more of a mess? This is what happens when attorneys act on bad information from clients and leave their own discretion at home. Miscavige is angry and he wants his lawyers to rid the case of Rinder and Babbitt. His lawyers clearly are trying to obey, no matter how foolish they appear doing it.”

  2. The contracts are definitely core but they are nothing without the lure that makes people sign them

    the core is the false promise that they make you a godlike superhuman and the false goal of being for the greatest good

    There is yet to be a demonstration of a clear or ot as lrh described exists

    And they have yet to do anything that’s for the greater good, they only do the greatest good for themselves

  3. “Taken altogether, the contracts of adhesion employed by the Church of Scientology constitute a pattern of bad faith, fraud, and a willful and malicious intent to deceive new members at the outset.” – I suppose we can take some small solace in the fact that they have no new members and will not have any new ones for the foreseeable future. Ahh, Scientology, the Donner Party of “religions”.

  4. “Ahh, Scientology, the Donner Party of ‘religions.’”

    What a great description! Scientologists cannibalizing each other while trapped in a monster legal snow storm in a dangerous mountain pass.

    The Wog World: 470,000,000,000,000X more able than the Church of Scientology!

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