David Miscavige

David Miscavige, RTC, CSI Sued for Sexual Assault and Other Causes of Action

David Miscavige. Photo courtesy of the Church of Scientology

Danny Masterson convicted on two charges of felony rape

And now this: 

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    Dave Miscavage should be put in prison too in a cell with big Bubba,
    “your my little puppie now!”

  2. I hope more people who have suffered due to $cientology’s criminal corruption come forward to take legal action.

  3. I will gladly testify about when I was 16 in Boston, and I was held against my Will and pressured by four adults to sign a contract for the Sea Org. They locked me in a windless room under false pretenses, separated me from my friend, and it was pretty traumatic. Luckily, once I knew who I was dealing with, my mom had taught me well about Colts and I threatened to start kicking and screaming and they let me go

  4. RPF Miscavige and Shelly both for out 2D revealed on SPTV, LOL.

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