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  1. Biggest win for all of us ex-cult members!!!!!! Hopefully this will help to end scientology soon

  2. “He belongs in prison for a long time because he is a MONSTER.”

    1000% correct, Jeffrey. I am so glad to know he is locked up right now, and hopefully he is going away for a very long time. The things he is convicted off doing, the charge the jury deadlocked on, and the things he has been accused of doing that were not a part of this case, but are entirely believable in light of today’s convictions, all add up to someone who has a pattern of monstrously predatory behavior. And yes, his belief that he was shielded by his status in scientology, and his choice to target other members of his “church” for his monstrous acts, are all a part of the big picture of Danny Masterson as an entitled predatory ABUSER and RAPIST. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life.

  3. Wow, that’s a profound statement, about Masterson’s “silent rage”; that sociopathic, entitled f*cker wasn’t sad or remorseful, he was PISSED that he can no longer be a cult-protected, “celebrity” predator!
    *Good luck in prison, DJ DONKEYPUNCH*

  4. Thankyou so much Jeffrey. “….silent rage….” so saddening he’s in that state of mind.

    When in prison, let’s hope he someday sees his sick mindset, and comes out of that.

    Scientology didn’t help him, and Scientology failed society here.

  5. Jeffrey, will you be in court for Evidentiary hearing next week with the lawyers accused of leaking the redacted documents? Fingers 🤞 you are!?

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