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Rizza Islam Wages a Fake News Campaign on the Eve of His Criminal Trial

Rizza Islam lies.

Rizza is not being targeted by the US Government.

Rizza Islam was criminally charged by the State of California. The criminal charges allege that Rizza and his family defrauded California taxpayers of $3.8 million which was intended to provide drug treatment to Black youth in Compton and Watts.

Rizza Islam and his family used a Scientology front group called The World Literacy Crusade to promote the alleged Medi-Cal fraud. The actual fraud was conducted through American Health and Education Clinic (AHEC).

What AHEC sold was Scientology’s bogus Narconon drug treatment to high school students who did not need drug treatment.

At Rizza Islam’s preliminary criminal trial, he and his late mother Hanan Islam were arrested for contempt of court after waging a defiant sovereign citizen defense. We were there in the court and witnesses the arrests. Hanan and his mother served five days in Los Angeles County Jail for the contempt charge imposed by LA Criminal Court Judge Michael Pastor.

Rizza Islam was a Scientologist when the alleged crimes occured. After the charges were filed, Rizza aligned with the Nation of Islam. His fake news campaign concocts a tale that the US Government is prosecuting him for speaking out against vaccinations during the Covid pandemic. This is fake news. The criminal charges against Rizza Islam and his family members were filed in 2015 long before the pandemic.

Rizza Islam is not the martyr he pretends to be.

See our previous story: People of the State of California vs. Rizza Islam et. al.

Rizza’s trial begins tomorrow, Monday June 26, 2023. 

Rizza Islam remains free on $131,000 bond:

The criminal complaint:

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