Congresswoman Karen Bass

US Congresswoman & LA Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Publicly Condemns Scientology

Screenshot of US Congresswoman and LA Mayoral Candidates condemnation of Scientology as shown on KCAL 9 in Los Angeles. Bass reacted after her opponent Rick Caruso raised the issue of her past, and very public, association with the Church of Scientology.

After being associated with the Church of Scientology by her opponent in the LA Mayoral race, Congresswoman Karen Bass acted swiftly to publicly condemn Scientology on an unequivocal basis.

Karen Bass appeared with Scientology Cult Leader David Miscavige and now disgraced LA Sheriff Lee Baca at a Scientology event in 2010. When she spoke she praised Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

This appearance at a Scientology event came back to hurt Bass’ chances when she was on then President-Elect Biden’s short list of VP picks.

US Congresswoman Karen Bass with Scientology Dictator-for-Life David Miscavige and now-disgraced former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca.


Leading in the race for Mayor against Los Angeles billionaire developer Rick Caruso, Karen Bass is not taking any chances on the Scientology issue and firmly condemned the group.

Congresswoman Bass knows the very public rape trial of Scientologist Danny Masterson begins October 11. The LA Elections are November 8.

Congresswoman Bass is smart to distance herself from Scientology and David Miscavige.

David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology have now been formally condemned by a powerful member of the US Congress. Bass is leading in the polls and appears set to become the LA’s first woman Mayor. It is good to know where LA’s likely next Mayor stands when it comes to Scientology.

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  1. “It is good to know where LA’s likely next Mayor stands when it comes to Scientology.”

    True. She firmly stands with her own best interests. She’s already demonstrated her own lack of principles and basic honesty when she reacted to the backlash 2 years ago and tried to lie her way out of it. Instead of asking herself back then what would be the right thing to do, she seemed to have wondered back then “what would Gavin do?”

    At last, it has dawned on her that scientology is a lot more politically toxic than she had thought. So she turns up the rhetoric a bit. So who’s more odious? She or the cult?

    The lesson I take from this is sobering. I think it will take a tremendous additional amount of public attention to the evils of the cult and shaming of gutless and self-interested politicians to see them graduating from lying and verbal posturing to actually taking action. Let’s hope that the Masterson trial will be yet another step in that direction.

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