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Tom Cruise: The Ultimate Billion Dollar Shill for Scientology & His Little-Known Scientology Work in South America

Derek Lambert and Karen de la Carriere discuss Scientology’s ultimate poster boy Tom Cruise.

Bonus articles from our archives: US Navy crew aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt expressed their unvarnished opinions about Tom Cruise when he was aboard in 2019 filming Top Gun: Maverick.

For example, TR crew were ordered to not make eye contact with Cruise and not to speak with him unless he addressed them first. TR crew were also ordered to duck into the nearest doorway and get out of Tom Cruise’s way if he was walking down a corridor in the ship. Go here to see the texts: US Navy Scuttlebutt on Social Media: Anger Towards Tom Cruise’s Arrogant Behavior as He Films Top Gun 2

An example from the TR crew’s texts while Tom Cruise was onboard filming:

Tom Cruise and the US Navy brass had to do damage control when we posted the TR crew’s text messages here. The messages appeared in other places as well:

US Navy Brass Blames TR Crew in Damage Control Effort for Pretend Fighter Pilot Tom Cruise: Top Gun 2 Becomes a Farce

From our archives: In 2015, Tom Cruise met with then Colombian Police General Carlos Ramiro Mena Bravo.

General Mena Bravo meets with Tom Cruise in 2015. Photo from El Espectador.

Thanks to Tony Ortega’s 2018 article on Colombia, we learned that Tom Cruise met with General Mena Bravo in 2015 when the actor was filming American Made. This is the same year David Miscavige opened the new Ideal Org in Bogota. El Espectador did an article with photos on Cruise meeting the General.

It was General Mena Bravo who, after he had retired, awarded David Miscavige an unauthorized Colombian medal in Barbados. This caused a great deal of controversy in Colombia and hearings were held by the Senate. Colombia Reports noted in an article that Colombia’s national police were badly embarrassed over the medal the retired General gave Scientology leader David Miscavige:

The El Espectador article shows how closely Tom Cruise was working with David Miscavige & OSA to further safepoint Scientology in Colombia. Tellingly, General Mena did not allow Scientology’s front man Colonel Prado to appear in the pictures of himself with Tom Cruise. It seems that like David Miscavige, the General wanted Tom Cruise all to himself. General Mena perhaps ordered his subordinate Colonel Prado to go write some traffic tickets that day and stay away from HQ.

Although Cruise downplays his Scientology involvement, being able to link Cruise so explicitly to General Mena Bravo shows the General to have been Scientology’s point man in the Scientology-Colombia operation. Mena Bravo was important, among other reasons, because he was in charge of Interpol Colombia and had access to Interpol’s computers. This would have allowed the General access to see what the European authorities had on Scientology.

Photo from El Espectador.

As we covered here, General Mena Bravo was criminally charged in Colombia in 2021.

See Tony Ortega’s article: Scientology can’t get enough corrupt South American police generals under its wing.

Here is our 2018 podcast with former Scientology Colombia staff member Adrian Vanegas:

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