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Retired FBI Special Agent Jerri Williams on Money Laundering

This is a great YT video from retired FBI Special Agent Jerri Williams on money laundering. Jerri Williams FBI career spanned 31 years and she worked on serious high-profile cases. We post her video here because it is interesting, and, certain Scientologists should take heed of the facts. Trying to get ahead of the Feds by laundering money is a no win game.

This group of OT criminals should also be aware of the differences between wire fraud, identity theft, embezzlement and money laundering. Money laundering always arises from predicate crimes in which illicit income was created. And a reminder: Failure to report illegal income will get you charged with income tax evasion. This is how the FBI got Al Capone.

Jerri Williams mentions FinCen. This the Financial Crimes Unit of the US Government.

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