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Fear of Viral Shedding in Scientology: Will Non-Vaxxed Public Scientologists Avoid Mandatorily-Vaxxed Sea Org Members?

Will Covid-19 be the end of David Miscavige?

Scientologists are notoriously opposed to Covid vaccines. Indeed, Scientologist and Nation of Islam member Rizza Islam has been named as one of the top 12 online spreaders of vaccine disinformation along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and 10 others.

Covid-19 anti-vaxxers insist that the vaccinated shed spike proteins and thereby infect the unvaccinated with Covid-19. This is not scientifically correct:

People vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot shed spike proteins to harm anyone. Many experts have debunked this notion, saying it is a conspiracy intended to undermine the vaccines. Experts also have said that the spike proteins produced through vaccination cannot infect others.

Despite the science, anti-vaxxers cling tightly to their belief that the vaccinated shed infectious spike proteins.

As we reported previously, Scientology leader David Miscavige secretly mandated that all Sea Org members be vaccinated or stay locked in an indefinite quarantine for “endangering the group.” Tony Ortega’s source stated that the monotony of quarantine and the incessant hectoring and shrill invalidation of non-compliant Sea Org members drove them to violate their own views on vaccines and submit to vaccination.

Word has now reached public Scientologists of Miscavige’s covert vaccine mandate.

Given the anti-vaxxer fear of viral shedding, will non-vaccinated public Scientologists refuse to associate with vaccinated Sea Org members?

A few comments from prominent public Scientologists on vaccines and Covid:

Grant Cardone on Covid vaccines with hashtag #sciencebitches: 

Kirsti Alley on Covid vaccines:

In his outstanding 2021 article on Scientologists and Big Pharma, Mike Rinder reported on prominent OT8 Norm Novitsky and his experience of being infected with the “Chinese Virus” and how treated it with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and other non-medically approved treatments:


David Miscavige’s secret mandate for Sea Org members to be vaccinated is a stunning reversal from his glib initial characterization of the pandemic as a “planetary bullbait” that Scientology was going to handle by relentlessly cleaning everything with Decon 7 surface disinfectant and passing out booklets on how to properly wear masks, gloves, and how to wash your hands, etc. No one except Scientology knew how to do these basic things such as handwashing as Miscavige saw the matter. So he was there to save the world.

David Miscavige ordered masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers in quantity at the start of the pandemic. Everyone did. Nevertheless, in a 2020 legal threat letter David Miscavige had his attorney Jeff Riffer write to Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast, Miscavige wanted the entire world to know that he had been way ahead of everyone in handling the threats posed by COVID-19. Riffer ridiculously claimed Miscavige implemented the following measures “before others realized their significance”:

Miscavige’s grandiose self-appraisal was that, except for himself, the entire world was far too stupid to realize that such drastic measures were necessary. Miscavige had Riffer tell Marlow Stern this as well:

The world would be in a better condition today had governments and other organizations timely followed Mr. Miscavige’s lead.

Followed David Miscavige’s lead? We must ask why — if David Miscavige was so ahead of the curve on the pandemic — he failed to publicly come out early and strong in support of vaccinations?

And why did David Miscavige engage in a cover up on his mandate for the Sea Org to be vaccinated?

The simple answer is that David Miscavige could not risk incurring the anti-vaxx wrath of his wealthy publics who have contributed well over one billion of dollars to the IAS since Miscavige began this offshore and unregulated slush fund of his in 1985.

Along with his stranglehold on the copyrights to Hubbard’s body of work, the money Scientology’s whales donate are what keeps David Miscavige in power. But now, having betrayed his monied class, will Miscavige’s iron-fisted grip on power begin to slip from his hands?

In Scientology terms, David Miscavige’s secret vaccine mandate for the Sea Org is a form of transgression called a withhold. L. Ron Hubbard defined a withhold in Scientology’s Technical Dictionary:

Per L. Ron Hubbard “Any withhold comes after an overt.” David Miscavige’s overt was to secretly order the Sea Org to be vaccinated and thereby effectively capitulate to Big Pharma.

David Miscavige withheld the Sea Org vaccinations from his publics because he apparently believed that if his order became known it would endanger his self-preservation as the leader of Scientology.

Miscavige wants it both ways: He wanted to please his wealthy anti-vaxx supporters while vaccinating the Sea Org to protect himself from Covid as well as protecting the income the Sea Org brings in from the anti-vaxx public. After all, an infected, sick, and hospitalized Sea Org cannot bring in any money. And as PR is everything in Scientology, a Sea Org decimated by Covid would destroy the illusion of an invincible Sea Org.

On a very practical level, David Miscavige packs the Sea Org into very cramped berthing and so any virus will spread like wildfire. Miscavige had to take crowded Sea Org dorms into account. But he did not want his wealthy IAS Patrons to know any of this.

Influential Scientologist Norm Novitsky credits Ivermectin and other cures for his beating Covid; he gives no credit to vaccines.

Social media habitué and Scientologist Grant Cardone refuses to be vaccinated.

Kirsti Alley says no to vaccines.

Scientologists view vaccines as part of the Big-Pharma-Psychiatry cabal which L. Ron Hubbard taught was out to enslave humanity. Scientology has as its stated goal the destruction of this cabal.

As part of this goal, Scientology wants to outlaw psychiatric drugs and redefine all illnesses as being psychosomatic in nature and therefore treatable only by Scientology auditing.

The only actual medicine L. Ron Hubbard allowed for was the treatment of “a broken bone, a gallstone, or immediate physical cause.”

Bottom Line: By his actions, David Miscavige obviously considers Covid-19 a real physical virus and an existential threat which is far beyond any possible treatment by Scientology. Therefore, Miscavige mandated Big Pharma vaccines as the first line of defense against Covid. The Sea Org is vaccinated and this is good for them as it will surely save lives. However, if the unvaccinated publics die off then there will be no one for the Sea Org to service and no income.

So what has David Miscavige actually accomplished? Why did he not order the entire Church membership to be vaccinated?  Miscavige’s response to Covid-19 is an irrational half-measure designed to pander to his power base of wealthy anti-vaxxers.

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  1. It’s the fate of zealots that they will eventually always turn on each other since no one (other than the extremist, of course) is “pure” enough. This is a lot like the odious “woke” cancelling each other once they’ve run through their first batch of “enemies” and the unquenchable thirst for demonstrating one’s righeousness and signalling one’s virtue is still not satiated.

    It’s inevitable. Fun to watch though!

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