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Leah Remini & Mike Rinder Interview Andreas Heldal-Lund, Founder of Xenu.Net

The one and only Andreas Heldal-Lund interviewed by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder on their Scientology: Fair Game podcast. Andreas founded a/k/a Operation Clambake:

The Interview

So many great memories. Andreas’ early internet message board helped countless good people to speak out and tell their stories about Scientology.

The famous message board at

For every poster at there were a myriad of people lurking and reading; many of these people were still trapped inside the Scientology Cult. Reading the stories, information, and leaks at helped them to make the decision to leave the Church of Scientology.

Tory Christman, our dear friend, was a very prominent Scientology OT who left the Church and spoke out on

Mark Bunker posted his early videos on “Clambake” as the board is called. Anonymous bestowed the name “Wise Beard Man” on Mark when he offered wise counsel to Anonymous during the early days of its large global protests in front of Scientology’s Orgs. Mark Bunker is now a City Councilman in Clearwater. Wise Beard Man won.

Jason Beghe’s famous videos in which he roared “Show me a moherfuckin’ Clear!” were filmed by Mark Bunker and posted on Clambake. Jason filmed these right after he left Scientology and they have a very raw and potent energy to them. They are a must see for any Scientology watcher,

Posting as Blown For Good, Marc Headley first shared the bizarre story of Int Base musical chairs on OCMB.

Graham Berry, Glibby, Benny’s Friend, Probity, Wieber, Don Carlo, and  so many wonderful friends posted at OCMB and still do. We remember our late friend Shawn Lonsdale posting clips of his public access show from Downtown Clearwater where he stood on a corner and filmed Sea Org members walk by.

Because OCMB was so successful and globally well-known as the top Scientology message board in the world, OSA’s internet goon squad was always busy on the board trying to create flame wars and sew dissension. These disgraceful Scientology cult swine failed to stop OCMB. is where we first began our public career as a Scientology critic on April 28, 2005. We posted, and still do, under the pen name J. Swift. Our avatar is a Sadhu:

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