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Aaron Smith-Levin: Angry OT Parents at Flag Protesting David Miscavige’s Forced Vaccinations of Their Sea Org Children

We learned from Tony Ortega’s still-in-Scientology source “Insider” that David Miscavige ordered all Sea Org members to get Covid vaccinations. David Miscavige kept this a secret from his notoriously anti-vaxx Scientology public members.

Now Aaron Smith-Levin confirms this on Twitter and adds that “Several high-profile, wealthy, OT 8 Scientologists are recruiting parents of Sea Org members to join in on sending an “official complaint” to David Miscavige about the mandatory vaccination of Sea Org members. ”

Tony Ortega’s Insider wrote:

Then (Miscavige’s) vaccine mandate comes out. You have to understand that most Scientologists, especially the Sea Org, are incredibly antivax.

Someone I know, a Sea Org member, was once written up and seen in ethics for “supporting big pharma” after she encouraged someone to get their kids the polio vaccine.

These people are seriously against vaccines.

Just imagine. Ordering them to get vaccinated is to them like ordering them to commit “out tech.” Many refused.

All who refused were sent into “quarantine” because by not getting vaccinated, they were “endangering the group.” Someone could have followed every protocol and mandate to the letter for almost two years, and then because they refuse the vaccine suddenly they’re a danger to the group and need to removed from it? It’s imprisonment.

Scientology anti-vaxx parents would deem mandatory vaccinations of their Sea Org children a betrayal by David Miscavige. Scientologists view vaccinations as a part of Big Pharma and therefore part of the Psychiatric cabal which the Church of Scientology has vowed to destroy per the diktat of L. Ron Hubbard.

David Miscavige’s 2007 vow to destroy Psychiatry; we were there at the Shrine that night for this Scientology event:


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  1. I think you meant the caption to the Miscavige video to read – 2007 vow to destroy PSYCHIATRY (not Scientology)….

  2. The secret vaccinations weren’t going to stay secret long for if a popular website blabbed about them. I wish COB all the best dealing with the blow back.

  3. Well, Mr. Miscavige certainly seems to have impaled himself on the horns of a dilemma here.

    On the one hand, the whales are important to Scientology’s current business model as the rank-and-file are aging out, broke or disillusioned at the constant fundraising, or some combination of the three. Certainly, there are no new recruits coming in. So the revenue stream is increasingly dependent on large donors and the number of those is also not increasing by much, if at all. So Miscavige has to cater to them and at least pretend to listen if they send off a nasty letter.

    On the other hand, Scientology must remain an autocracy. Miscavige must ruthlessly crush even the smallest dissent or questioning of his leadership, because his track record is so execrable that it won’t stand up to much scrutiny before people realize he’s completely incompetent. So no matter who they are, Captain Miscavige simply can’t allow anyone to raise even the slightest challenge to his infinite wisdom. There’s an SP Declare in the future of anyone who signs a complaint.

    Vaxxing the Sea Org is a colossal blunder, which could have only happened because Miscavige doesn’t really practice Scientology or even believe what Scientologists believe. It also happened because he can’t think further ahead than the problem of the moment and the most slapdash possible solution. Miscaige doesn’t get audited, he doesn’t do courses, and he probably hasn’t picked up a book of Hubbard’s dreck with the possible exception of leafing through some of it when he signed off on the “Golden Age of Tech,” with its new-and-improved proofreading. So he forgot that Scientologists have been conditioned by decades of Hubbardthink to be against vaccinations and all sorts of other stuff. And he forgot that OT abilities are supposed to be sufficient to overcome germs at will. And he never once thought about possible blowback from the vaccination order.

    By the way, there’s another issue implicit in his requiring the Sea Org to get vaccinated in order to keep operating so the money keeps rolling in: there’s an implicit declaration, from the “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion” that the “tech” doesn’t work, because Sea Org workers, the most fire-breathing Scientologists on the planet, can’t kill viruses with mind power. Ruh-roh.

    I suspect that Miscavige can’t help himself. He’ll declare the whales. However, I think he underestimates the unintended consequences of doing so. I would bet that the community of whales is a more cohesive unit than the rank-and-file membership out in the orgs. They’ve probably done a lot of business together, as we saw when the Reed Slatkin victim list was published. So they know each other, socialize with each other, and because they invest together, they trust each other to a higher degree than the rest of the field. So if a half dozen major donors get kicked out, it’s possible that the rest will instantly disconnect from them, but it’s also possible that there will be an effect like the Debbie Cook New Year’s e-mail, causing a lot of people to re-think their association with Scientology and fade over time.

  4. it seems to me the dilemma DM was on the horns of, is that if he didn’t vaccinated the sea org, the pandemic was going to eventually sweep through its aging, over-worked and under-cared-for, health-compromised ranks, and take a terrible toll. that would have hindered the CoS operationally, particularly in some areas like on the ship that seem to rely on a lot of old timers; and reputationally with their membership, showing leadership and management not being fully in control and able to ‘make it go right’.

    it appears to me from what i’ve seen of the history of the original ships, there was a time when Hubbard ordered doses of vaccines provided by port authorities thrown overboard, but another where the crew was vaccinated. my guess is that the ship’s operations end up significantly hampered by some widespread outbreak of disease, and in the end Hubbard made a typically cynical utilitarian choice — and DM is following in that vein, maybe even having heard about that lesson (and an excuse for being able to claim to follow ‘source’) from old-timers who were there.

    that was almost inevitably going to run afoul of scientology’s streak of anti-medical sentiment and the attitudes of the followers it attracts, but i think DM could at least have done a better job of managing and mitigating that if he’d really thought it through. of course he was also up against a period when the membership had its connection to the orgs disrupted by the pandemic, which has probably resulted in a loss of control and cohesion that we’re eventually going to see other effects of.

  5. This is about as much fun as watching a sanctimonious woke d-bag getting cancelled. Zealots will always get around to devouring their own, sooner or later.

    It is absolutely remarkable that there seemed to be no similar complaints about Sea Borgs working 100+ hours for close to no money, scrounging for toilet paper, being subjected to capricious imprisonment and physical abuse, being separated from their spouses/families, having their communications inspected, and a long list of other atrocities. But vax them, and this is what happens. Hoisted on their own petard. Priceless!

  6. JPC,
    Astute summation.
    The wealthy “whales” are ostensibly “opinion leaders” in the group and, in scion-speak, are automatically under greater or lesser “ethics protection” because they have “made it go right” to give the Pimping Pontiff large sums of cash…
    Will the Pimp beat and exile his premium, high-dollar bitches if and when they dare to give him “blowback”?
    Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “The Teegeeack Ho Chronicles” ! 😂

  7. Hey Reyne,
    In scientology, it’s difficult to “manage and mitigate” the repercussions of making ANY decision about handling a viral pandemic within its slave force, as either decision-to vaccinate or not vaccinate-exposes the utter failure of The Dreck to stop or “as-is” the virus. Add to that Miss Savage’s abusive pimp-cum-sadistic-tyrant style of control of this long-running, criminal scam and its duped, abused, over-worked, mind-warped slaves…and you have a real no-win,
    clusterfuck situation.
    So much for the “tech that is senior to life itself and is mankind’s ONLY HOPE for spiritual salvation” !
    Get your snacks, condiments, and beverages ready and grab a seat; this clown show is about to get even weirder!

  8. It’s the fate of zealots that they will eventually always turn on each other since no one (other than the extremist, of course) is “pure” enough. This is a lot like the odious “woke” cancelling each other once they’ve run through their first batch of “enemies” and the unquenchable thirst for demonstrating one’s righeousness and signalling one’s virtue is still not satiated.

    It’s inevitable. Fun to watch though!

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