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Jeffrey Augustine’s Illustrated Guide to the Church of Scientology


1. CSI = Church of Scientology International.

2.  This chart is a follow on to my previous post: The Church of Scientology International Has No Members.

3. As CSI has no employees and no members, it can only be managed and operated by Sea Org members. Therefore, Captain Miscavige demonstrably controls CSI via the Sea Org.

4. Said another way, the only legally authorized agency through which CSI can operate as a religion is the Sea Org — and the Sea Org is an unincorporated religious order whose personnel are not CSI members. Therefore, the Sea Org is the operating arm of the Church of Scientology. However, as the Sea Org does not legally exist, Scientology is engaging a deliberately evasive style of operation. This is done on purpose and makes it virtually impossible for Scientology to be sued or held legally accountable for its actions. Of course, this is fraud on its face and yet another reason the IRS needs to revoke Scientology’s ill-gotten 1993 tax exemption.

5. Thus, the situation in CSI is this: Members of a legally non-existent religious order deliver Scientology religious services to IAS members in CSI facilities. No one in this equation – Sea Org, Staff, or IAS members — are members of CSI.

7. Conclusion: CSI exists for three reasons only:

* To own and hold property inside of which Scientology religious services take place between non-CSI parties, i.e. IAS public members and Sea Org members.

* To collect the monies paid by IAS public members for these services.

* To electronically record the religious services, especially the confessionals, that occur in its buildings. CSI maintains custody and ownership of these permanent recordings along with the actual paper pc folders. However, as Sea Org administers CSI, numerous Sea Org members have open access to these records. OSA Sea Org members may cull both the video files and written pc folders at any time for the purposes of obtaining damaging or incriminating information on IAS public members or on other Sea Org members.

Bottom Line: Per the Founder’s design, CSI is extraordinarily stingy and cruel. Nevertheless, CSI is forced to begrudgingly provide Sea Org members a subsistence-level existence only because it needs people in its money-making business. The Sea Org will be eliminated when RTC is able to purchase cheap ecclesiastical robots to replace humans. Robots don’t blow — and that is one of the key product features RTC finds most desirable about robots.


Scientology, its wealth and assets and its TAX documents ~~ Truth revealed

This video discusses the recently revealed Church of Scientology 990-T’s. (*Tax documents) In essence, the Church is wealthy and has no financial emergency. The Church’s endless fundraising will never stop because the very structure of the Church of Scientology is based on the greedy grab for money each and every week. Stats are due at 2:00 PM on Thursday and the money had better be there or else! The Church of Scientology is all about the endless accumulation of money for its own sake. How is this endless fundraising in any way in the public interest?
See the tax forms here ~~…

IRS Overview of Inurement and Private Benefit Issues in 501(c)3 Organizations

Time to “13909” the Church of Scientology!


Know Your Legal Rights: IRS Form 13909 can and should be used to make a formal complaint to the IRS each and every time the Church of Scientology steps out of line with abusive, harassive, and illegal behavior. Scroll down for Form 13909 in PDF form.

Threats, stalking, and all other forms of Scientology Fair Game are not allowed and should never be tolerated. 13909 the Church using the form. Document everything: names, dates, places, and details. Include photos or videos.

Helpful Tips:

A. Line 1 asks for “NAME OF REFERRED ORGANIZATION.” The correct legal name and address to use when referring to the Church of Scientology is:

Church of Scientology International
6331 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 1200
Hollywood, CA 90028

B.  Line 2 asks for an EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (EIN). The correct EIN for the Church of Scientology International is 59-2153393.

C. Warning: Do not send this form to the Church of Scientology by accident! The form states that you can mail, fax, or e-mail the completed form to:

addressD. Download the form below and fill it out. The form is self-explanatory.


* Deceptive fundraising practices by the Church of Scientology can be reported using the 13909

* Each and every instance of Scientology misbehavior, lies in its PR or fundraising, and any other form of misbehavior needs to be reported. Use Form 13909.

* Tweet this post and help educate the public and those with family and friends still in the Church.

* It is high time to step up pressure on the Church of Scientology using the exact IRS technology to confront and shatter Scientology suppression and the SP’s in OSA!

*Let’s use the law to create a snowstorm of complaints about the Church of Scientology in the IRS!

* If you fear retaliation or retribution from OSA, please check the box in section 5 of the form as shown below:


The IRS will acknowledge your complaint in 2-4 weeks. Form 13909 is online here and is also in the Scribd document below:

CCI: Celebrity Centre International IRS 990-T 2009-2012

CCI 2012 Book Value $39,392,879

CCI 2011 Book Value $39,973,458

CCI 2010 Book Value $39,148,631

CCI 2009 Book Value $37,325,434

Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood represents only a small part of the larger financial picture Church.

The big Scientology celebrities can ask for “room service” which means auditors and other Church staffers go to their homes or their film locations. Some celebs who have dabbled in Scientology do not want to be seen entering or leaving Celebrity Centre and so they get room service.