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L. Ron Hubbard’s Racism Documented

June 7, 2020: 20,000 people joined the Black Lives Matter march in Hollywood. The drone footage above shows Scientology’s Test Center to the right at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and N. McCadden Place.

Scientology had boarded up its test center and Scientologists were nowhere to be seen on the streets. There were 20,000 people on Scientology’s front doorstep in Hollywood. Scientology spent well over $50 million on its Test Center to reach people on the streets of Hollywood.

When the peaceful protesters showed up in front of the Test Center, the Scientologists boarded up the building and fearfully ran away into hiding. Zero confront.  >$50 million down the drain on the Test Center.

In our article the previous day on Scientology’s shuttered Hollywood Orgs, we included a link to a PDF we uploaded to Scribd. This PDF documented many racist comments made by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. This PDF came via the Wayback Machine from the defunct website Solitary Trees. This website was taken down several years ago for unknown reasons and contained a complete history of Hubbard’s racism and that of the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology has never denied nor apologized for L. Ron Hubbard’s racist comments. Scientology has never apologized for its own racism.

Scientology’s infamous Jo’Burg sec check (interrogation) demands that Scientologists answer this question:

Why does the Church of Scientology still ask its members this blatantly racist question in 2020?

The PDF of Hubbard’s racist comments we uploaded was removed from Scribd on June 7, 2020 due to a complaint from the Church of Scientology. We had posted it on Scribd for easy downloading by anyone. As Scribd took it down, we repost it here.

We refuse to accept Scientology’s attempts at censorship. What L. Ron Hubbard said is what he said.



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  1. No need to board that up – no one is going to break INTO a scientology center.

  2. Gotta love that slogan: “Curious why so many people are Scientologists?”

    Right up there with “Curious why Xenu used DC8s” or “Curious why the Earth is flat?”

  3. Thankyou Jeffrey and Karen for all you guys do, noting and photoing.

    The HI (Hollywood Inn building) was Sea Org western US Scientology management in 1975 when I joined, I came as a newbie to that building, to join the Sea Org, Dec 12 ,1975, and then on Dec 18, 1975 a bunch of us, about 60-70, took a chartered plane flight over to Clearwater, and we bused from that HI building to the airport, charter flight, to Clearwater, and we all joined staff of the Flag Service Org, right at the first day of opening of Flag’s delivering their “services” at Clearwater’s Fort Harrison.

    A much smaller leaner, and chock full of us dupe newbie Sea Org members joined right there, at that HI buiding, boarded up fearing riots and destruction, LOL, of it.

    Scientology generates nonstop controversial backlash, due to the movement not having generated anyone in the top ranks, to revise their horrible policies.

    The top ranks when Hubbard died in 1986, consisted of two top councils, today those top councils appear to be defunct, and nothing has changed significantly in terms of the movement being stuck in Hubbard’s nasty policy ruts.

    To honestly seriously change Scientology, would take a few steps I’ve commented over and over on chat sites since 2004 when I began giving my two cents how to “fix” this movement, if they wished to try fix themselves.

    Miscavige is the problem. And Hubbard ultimately is the one who is a core problem of trying to fix Scientology to be more like the “freezone” Scientology world, which gets no discussion, there just really is a lack of persons today interested in somehow fixing Scientology from the inside.

    The best that could be done, realisitically, is just let it all go to hell, from the inside fall apart, and the Hubbard quackery practices of “auditing” (auditing is the Scientology quackery pseudo-therapy core practice of the whole Scientology subject) is out in the public domain (the quackery techniques are on web sites to download, and on WikiLeaks, if person’s wishing do the Hubbard quackery wish to waste their time on doing the crap.

    The organization of Scientology are cripplled with Hubbard’s self defeating limiting rules, or policy.

    The subject, the pseudo-therapy quackery, and the Xenu “body-thetans” exorcism practice of Scientology, do no merit a grand fixup.

    Due to the actual nature of the subject’s theoretical beliefs, since past lives pseudo-therapy is not a big winning sellable practice today in the world. Nor is exorcism of Xenu’s supposed earth dump of “body-thetans” a big winning sellable practice either.

    What props up Scientology, is Hubbard’s misuse of words making the actual pseudo-therapy and exorcism Scientology practices seem legit like other religious practices.

    It’s a very big losing proposition.


    On the Scientology Money Project side of things Jeffrey, someday you just have to speak somehow to David Lantz.

    Please, I plead and beg you, to try get a conversation of the ifnal years of the “LRH Trust Office” treasury duties which David performed befre David blew ASI/LRH Trust, which he did, I think in 1994 December.

    Chuck Beatty
    former Sea Org, former ASI staffer in that time slot when David was still in the LRH Trust Office as LRH Trust Treasurer.

  4. Out of context as always. “Racist” is in the eye of the beholder. The issue is survival and life itself has shown whites like to associate with whites, blacks like to associate with blacks and that interracial sex is just one big service facsimile, thus non-survival.

  5. Funny how some get so triggered over something that has nothing to do with them to even give a crap. Make sure you bend over and take your vaccines, though.

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