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Photo Essay: The Church of Scientology Still Shuttered in Hollywood

Scientology’s Test Center on Hollywood Boulevard remains shuttered.

The Church of Scientology’s Hollywood Orgs remain boarded up following the widespread civil unrest across Los Angeles and America in the wake of the horrific police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers are nowhere to be seen engaging in their usual photo ops.

Author Services Inc. and Galaxy Press

Scientology’s front group the Association for Better Living & Education (ABLE) is located next door to Author Services Inc. and Galaxy Press:

L. Ron Hubbard’s racist comments retrieved form the Wayback Machine.


The National Guard has moved off the main boulevards. However, troops remain deployed on the side streets just off the boulevards:

Scientology’s Hollywood Test Center:

The HGB Building on Hollywood & Ivar. OSA and David Miscavige have offices here.


In what we have always taken to be a sign of unusual favor by the LAPD towards the Church of Scientology, this sign has been mounted at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar where the HGB is located since the Anonymous protests of 2008. Why does Scientology receive special LAPD video monitoring?

A few days ago, many Hollywood-area Scientology watchers, former members, and critics were watching live television coverage with deep concern as the protests were so near our homes. All of us were stunned when live aerial footage on channel 5 showed a massive LAPD presence at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar. The boarded-up HGB building can be seen to the left in this channel 5 aerial shot:

The tactical situation on the ground did not seem, in any way, to rise to this level of deployment by the LAPD. There was no looting, no fires, no vandalism, and no shots fired in the area. All that was actually happening was a peaceful march proceeding westbound on Hollywood Blvd. past the HGB. This is why Captain Corey Palka of the LAPD’s Hollywood precinct comes under continual criticism for his perceived favoritism towards the Church of Scientology.

Captain Palka was caught installing a Scientology kiosk in the LAPD Hollywood station in a blatant violation of the separation of Church and State. American Atheists filed a lawsuit to get the kiosk removed. Captain Palka did this on his own authority as the kiosk would never have been approved by LAPD senior command, the LA Police Commission, or the LA Board of Supervisors. That Palka bypassed layers of command leads us to ask if Captain Palka is, in fact, a Scientologist. We covered the matter of the Scientology kiosk in our article of February 24, 2019.

Here we see Captain Palka receiving the Scientology Celebrity Centre’s annual $20,000 donation:


Scientology leader David Miscavige is the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). RTC is a legally separate religious corporation from the Church of Scientology International. The RTC entrance to the HGB Building is on the Ivar side of the HGB. The 1710 Ivar, Suite #11000 address must be used to serve David Miscavige of the Religious Technology Center with court papers.  However, this is not a public entrance and there is no service counter or receptionist. The door is normally closed and can only be opened by entering the code on a keypad. Here we see a worker kneeling at doorway of 1710 Ivar entrance to the HGB:


Black Lives Matter message on the 1700 block of Ivar Avenue in Hollywood, California. This is next door to Scientology’s HGB Building on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Avenue.


The boarded up HGB building on the virtually deserted Hollywood Boulevard:

The Hollywood sign can be seen off in the distance on Mount Lee:

Signs of wear and tear on the pillars:


The Sea Org Building across the street from the HGB was also tightly sealed up:

All photos by Jeffrey Augustine & Karen de la Carriere/The Scientology Money Project. Copyright 2020.


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