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The Full Scientology Johannesburg Sec Check as Shown on Scientology and the Aftermath

The complete and original Johannesburg Confessional List or Sec Check of 1961 — reissued 1987. This is the actual Scientology document. Note: Please hover your cursor over the document to invoke the page up/page down controls at the bottom of the page frame:

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  1. Sorry to hear it. The degradation had to have been brutal. This is what Scientology does to people.

  2. Do you have a copy of the original, un-revised version as released in 1961?
    Also, have you ever seen the sec check for homosexuals?

  3. The 1961 original is within the Wikileaks docs:

    Wikileaks Scientology Leaks by Date

    The files are here:

    Scientology cult Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins (1950-1984)

    After downloading the 1950-84 file, choose:


    Then the 1961 revision is at pages 242-245 within that document.

    The questions in the 1961 revision are known as a “Security Check”;
    In the 1975 revision they are called a “Confessional List”

    The 1975 revision contains all of the 1961 questions, plus these:

    Have you ever used blackmail to procure sex?
    Have you committed any overts against others?
    Have you committed any overts against a group?
    How could you help others?
    How could you help a group?
    Have you committed any overts against energy?
    Have you committed any overts against space?
    Have you committed any overts against time?
    Have you committed any overts against Infinity?

    Most web browsers will download these files on demand, and by clicking on them they will open.

  4. Even though I just posted a link to the Wikileaks Scientology documents, I do not recommend anyone spend much time reading Hubbard.

    Hubbard interspersed his writing with what is well known as the “confusion” technique, a way to make his subjects susceptible to a semi-hypnotic reverie state that made it easier for them to come into agreement with his particular brand of outlandish, nonsensical statements.

    Pretty soon he had the confused students thinking that although they did not understand his writing, it was all the students’ fault for not studying hard enough or long enough, not Hubbard’s fault for writing impenetrable nonsense.

    A little Hubbard goes a long way. Be wary, and treat his writing like the dangerous crap-ola it is.

  5. Ammo, my experience of reading Hubbard is quite different. I read his external-facing works as psycho-political propaganda written to defend and justify his own, and the Church of Scientology’s, inherent criminality and bad faith. This stuff is all Hubbard’s attempt at misdirection and social engineering.

    Hubbard’s Tech, the materials of Dianetics and Scientology auditing and course work, precedes from his set of premises. Fundamentally, Hubbard constructs his metaphysical system upon the core concept of the eternally individuated thetan that is external to the MEST universe. This concept is the baseline reference; if you understand it then the rest of Scientology falls into place. The thetan, according to Ron, was pulled down into the physical universe and ensnared over time by bodies, implants, shocks, and layers and layers of of things the thetan created, or mocked up, without realizing it. Thus, Dianetics and Scientology seek to systematically dismantle the reactive mind and the body thetans. This is all subtractive, or what is called “negative case gain” in Scientology. Scientologists report benefits from this and this is why they self-identify as Scientologists and remain in the Church. However, many have left because the psycho-political agenda of the Church is coupled to paranoid demands for endless sec checks, disconnection and the endless greedy demand for money. The organizational ferocity outweighs the spiritual benefits. As I’ve always written, the EP of the Church of Scientology is, “nothing left of a person.” The Church literally sucks the bone marrow out of people until there is no life energy or life force left. There is nothing. Some Scientologists walk around in theis state and are bereft of any feeling or impulse aside from abject obedience. They have been crushed.

    What stands out to me is that Hubbard left his Bridge halfway finished at OT VIII. Hence, Scientology remains forever incomplete as half a bridge because Hubbard’s bridge goes out to OTXV. With OTIX-OTXV unavailable forever, there can be no positive case gain that results in a triumphal exit from the trap of the MEST universe.

    I never experienced any of the effects you describe from reading Hubbard. I have always analyzed his writings from the perspective of asking what he is trying to accomplish in his fusion of the metaphysical and psycho-political. Hubbard wants to persuade and convince his followers of various things. To an outsider, however, he often comes across as paranoid and sinister. Scientologists who were true believers, however, have experienced what you described.

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