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London Real Podcast Engages in Censorship; Blocks Our Excerpt of Elena Cardone Sharing How She Didn’t Get Her 10 Carat Diamond Ring in the Pandemic Financial Disaster

The London Real Podcast claims to be fighting for free speech. However, London Real filed a complaint with YouTube to get our 1 minute 52 second excerpt of its interview with Elena Cardone blocked.

YouTube blocked it.

In the except we posted on our non-monetized YT channel, Elena Cardone shares how she didn’t get the 10 carat diamond ring Grant wanted to her have after their 10X Growth Con event. We commented on how Elena made this supreme and heroic sacrifice after Grant Cardone laid off 44% of his work force and suspended distributions to his 3,200 investors as part of financial crisis management in the pandemic. The excerpt of Elena spoke for itself. Elena  showed the same clueless unreality as Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake!

London Real Founder Brian Rose

London Real founder Brian Rose is very friendly with Grant and Elena Cardone and the couple are frequent guests on his show.

Has the Church of Scientology gotten to Brian Rose through Scientologists Grant and Elena Cardone?

That is not at all outside of the realm of possibility.

Scientology used Tom Cruise to get inside of the City of London Police Department.

Likewise, LAPD Captain Corey Palka is so close to Scientology that he exceeded his authority and placed a Scientology kiosk inside of LAPD’s Hollywood station.

Oprah Winfrey has never once in her entire 40+ year career done a negative piece on Scientology due to her close personal friendship with John Travolta.

There are numerous other examples. In the language of Scientology this is called “safepointing.” The goal of Scientology safepointing is to neutralize and control a person or an organization such as Oprah, Brian Rose, or the LAPD so that they protect Scientology interests. The goal of safepointing is also to effect censorship by manipulating non-Scientologists. Scientology safepointing can take the form of cash donations, meetings with Scientology celebrities, the free use of Scientology’s facilities, or other favors. Scientology will do whatever it takes to protect itself by neutralizing influential people from mentioning Scientology in any negative way. Controlling PR is of fundamental importance to Scientology.

Brian Rose is backed into a corner with this trainwreck of an interview with Elena Cardone. He can’t take it down. You can watch the Elena Cardone diamond ring video segment here by fast-forwarding to 5:37.

In this video Elena Cardone shares:

How she didn’t get her 10 carat diamond ring due to the financial crisis caused by the pandemic and the now 200,000+ deaths. Disgraceful.

Why the jet is staying and employees had to go: “The jet is not a liability” declared Elena “Marie Antoinette” Cardone.

In a related video, Grant Cardone recently complained that none of his laid off employees offered to stay and work for free. While this violates Scientology’s doctrine of exchange, Grant and Elena breezily violate doctrine and ask people to work for free when it comes to the Cardone bank account. In her interview with Brian Rose, Elena echoes Grant by saying that laid off people should consider working for reduced pay or for free.

In making this argument the Cardones seem to miss a central point: Paid employees are there to generate income. When you lay off employees the income they generate goes away. To expect laid off workers to work for any Cardone company for free means that Grant and Elena Cardone want to take in money but do not want to deliver anything in return to their workers. Here is what Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard said about groups and organizations that want something for nothing:

First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

For Grant and Elena Cardone to ask why people won’t work for them for free is part of the unreality, hysteria, and greed in which we think the couple is presently gripped. This helps us understand why Grant Cardone went off the deep end last week when he pulled a deranged PR stunt in which he said he was bankrupt and headed towards prison. See our article: Scientologist Grant Cardone Admits to Walking Over the Backs of 140,000 Pandemic Dead to Get Himself Noticed.

Why would London Real file a complaint about our Fair Use excerpt with YouTube — particularly when Brian Rose raged about YouTube taking down his David Icke interview? Apparently, London Real complains when it is censored but not when it censors others.

Brian Rose recently expressed outrage when his recent interview with David Icke was taken down off social media platforms almost immediately after it was posted. He protested what he calls “BBC bullshit” and Google’s censorship after YouTube took down the David Icke interview and gave Rose a strike. The Rose-Icke interview was huge and has been watched at least 20 million times. Brian Rose on being censored:

After listening to Rose’s outrage against censorship, we were  disappointed in what certainly appears to be a double standard by London Real.  We’d like our video excerpt reinstated just as Brian Rose wants his interview of David Icke reinstated by YouTube. Our message to Brian Rose: We’re all in this fight for free speech together.

Bottom Line: Does London Real practice censorship when it comes to the Scientologist friends of Brian Rose being discussed on the Scientology Money Project? This appears to be the case to us. One of Elena Cardone’s people may have called one of Brian Rose’s people.

Here is the take down on our YT video of Elena Cardone:

Brian Rose with David Icke on Vimeo:

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  1. Comrade…the party line becomes stronger in the age of social media enforcement. Social media giants take their lead from the CCP. Mao’s updated Little Red Book contains this: “Free speech for me…not for thee.” Seems simple enough. Freedom is slavery. Obey!

  2. Brian Rose is the classic definition of controlled opposition. So is Alex Jones. Their censorship is coordinated by their bosses to create sympathy.

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