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Will London Real Founder Brian Rose Address Scientology’s Fair Game and Censorship in His New Crusade for Free Speech?

Will Brian Rose transform himself as he asks others to do?

London Real Founder Brian Rose had his interview with David Icke pulled by YouTube as it was going viral. The Rose-Icke interview was also pulled from Facebook and Instagram. Rose was banned by Vimeo, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. The video has since gone viral on alternative platforms. David Icke explicitly linking 5G technology to the coronavirus and the resultant pandemic is part of what the corporate media giants objected to in the interview. There are also objections to Icke and others stating that COVID-19 is a bioweapon created in a Wuhan laboratory. These controversial notions have gained such serious worldwide traction in alternative media and internet sites that the so-called mainstream media has to address these concerns.

The pandemic continues to blur all the lines everywhere.

Brian Rose responded to his interview being deplatformed by raising a reported $500,000 to begin his own media platform. Rose is also a doing a series of interviews with Infowars Founder Alex Jones about how the major social media platforms are banning him in the same way they banned and deplatformed Jones.

What Brian Rose is essentially discussing is being “Fair Gamed” by censorship, attack, and character assassination. This is what the Church of Scientology has long done in an attempt to silence its critics.

This leads us to ask if Brian Rose, a new free speech crusader, will ever ask his frequent guests Grant and Elena Cardone serious questions about the fascist, censorial, and inhumanity of the Church of Scientology to which they belong. The Church of Scientology uses child labor, pays slave wages to its Sea Org members, runs an intelligence bureau, and seeks to intimidate and financially destroy its former members and critics that speak out. Rose has never gone there in any of the 65 interviews he has done with the Cardones.

Below we see Scientology’s most recent sleazy attack on Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Tony Ortega in what has been a nonstop campaign of revenge and hate following the success of Leah Remini’s Emmy-winning show Scientology and the Aftermath:

Grant and Elena Cardone’s donations help fund the vicious machinations of Scientology. This includes hacking phones, private investigators, libelous hate sites online, harassment, stalking, and even the cover up of rapes and child molestation inside the Church of Scientology. Will Brian Rose denounce Scientology as part of his free speech crusade or will Grant and Elena Cardone get a continuing free pass from Mr. Rose?

Brian Rose has to be consistent in his commitment to free speech and opposition to tyranny and censorship; he can’t acquiesce by his silence to fascists — and Grant and Elena Cardone are hardcore Scientologists. The Cardone’s are OT’s know the genocidal intent behind Scientology’s horrific phrase “Clearing the Planet.”

Alex Jones. The website is an alternative platform Jones uses to broadcast his content.

In Rose’s new series of interviews with Alex Jones, the Infowars Founder declares his Christian faith. We ask Alex Jones if he knows anything at all about Scientology’s secret teaching about Jesus Christ? Does Brian Rose know?

Brian Rose asked Alex Jones what he, Rose, should be worried about. Jones replied that his opponents have gone after Jones’ family. The Church of Scientology also attacks the families of those who speak out. Does Brian Rose know that Grant and Elena Cardone’s multi-million dollar donations to Scientology also pay for the Office of Special Affairs to hire the psycho-terrorist thugs who go after critics, former members, and their families?

We ask Brian Rose if he has ever paid a true existential price for speaking out as have those who have spoken out against Scientology. Rose certainly has never had his family destroyed by Disconnection nor has he been the subject of libelous hate websites published against him by a vicious cult. Now that Rose feels the screws tightening on himself and seeing what a financial hit by opponents feels like, let’s see if he denounces Scientology as part of his speaking out against tyranny and censorship.

As it now stands, London Real filed a copyright complaint against us with YouTube. This resulted in our one-minute-fifty-two second Fair Use video excerpt of Elena Cardone being taken down. Our post on the matter. We took this bit of censorship by London Real as an indicator of selectivity about what “free speech” means to Brian Rose. We would like this excerpt reinstated.

Brian Rose announced Rose-Icke III in which he declared:

The Broadcast They Don’t Want You To See… The Ideas They Don’t Want You To Hear…

On May 3, 2020 at 5pm UK time, David Icke is LIVE on the DIGITAL FREEDOM PLATFORM for the largest LIVESTREAM of a conversation in human history. This single broadcast could change the course of humanity.

If we get the information now, we can act on it, we can change course.

If We Are Silenced, It Could Be The End of Humanity As We Know It.

We plan on watching Rose-Icke III to stay engaged in this ongoing story. We’ll also be watching Rose on an ongoing basis to see if his pattern of silence on Scientology continues out of deference to Grant and Elena Cardone. How can Rose call for human rights and free speech while remaining selectively silent about Scientology? That’s a conundrum Rose has to consider going forward if he wants to be a freedom fighter.

Brian Rose appears to be in an evolutionary phase. He is smart to use YouTube and the rest of the corporate-technocratic censorship arrayed against him to make his own statement about free speech.

Where David Icke and Alex Jones have it exactly right is that Google, YouTube, and Facebook are engaged in a very selective corporate censorship. For example, we find it quite bizarre and hypocritical that YouTube banned Alex Jones even as it has happily accepted tens of millions of dollars in Church of Scientology advertising dollars over the years. This is a horribly mixed message from YouTube: Say yes to Scientology; say no to Alex Jones.

Brian Rose has done 65 videos with Grant Cardone; some of the videos are marked as private. In these interviews, we note that Rose has never once pressed Cardone about Scientology’s documented and continuing conduct of Fair Game psychoterror campaigns; the financial rape of its own members; the use of child labor; and its extremely serious human rights violations. Deadline offered the same critique of Rose’s interview with David Icke:

On April 8, London Live aired London Real: COVID-19 an edited version of an interview Icke did with YouTube channel London Real in March on the coronavirus crisis. During the exchange with presenter Brian Rose, a largely unchallenged Icke set out his wild theory that the pandemic is part of a plot by technocrats to destroy the global economy and impose mass surveillance on society.

When does Brian Rose make the jump from “polite interviewer” to becoming a real free speech activist? Does Brian Rose have it in him to become an activist and bear the costs and sacrifices it requires? It seems that Rose getting knocked around by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other corporations has lit a fire under him.

The 65 Rose-Cardone interviews benefit the social-media-generated cash flow of both men. Brian Rose also earns some percentage of his income from selling his “Business Accelerator” training and consulting programs. He has this in common with Cardone who also sells business consulting and training courses.

Many regard Alex Jones and David Icke as wretched conspiracy theorists. Brian Rose’s sudden high-profile pivot to Jones and Icke therefore raises questions. We wonder if Rose is pivoting as a cynical PR ploy to grab the spotlight for himself in a 24/7 news cycle dominated by the global pandemic. This is not inconceivable as Rose’s friend Grant Cardone staged a fake bankruptcy announcement last week.

The unapologetic reprobate Grant Cardone said that his video about going bankrupt was a publicity stunt designed to raise himself above what he called “all the noise” about the global pandemic. Grant Cardone finds 200,000+ people dying and taking the attention off himself to be annoying. Aside from the massive narcissism of his fake bankruptcy stunt, Cardone has now placed himself on a very slippery slope where people have to regard anything he says as a possible lie or a deranged PR stunt that gains him attention while destroying investor confidence.

Is Rose using Alex Jones and David Icke to raise himself above the noise as did Cardone? We hope not. We found the first Rose-Icke interview to be genuinely interesting in the context of the pandemic. We didn’t agree with parts of it, but there was good chemistry between Rose and Icke. 20+ million people have watched it.

Rose is hoping that Rose-Icke III will be the largest livestream ever. Rose made this rallying cry about Rose-Icke III to his readers:

Be Brave. Stand Up. Fight For Your Freedom.

What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren You Did During The Removal Of Civil Rights During The Great Pandemic?

Did You Stay At Home And Did What You Were Told? Or Did You Fight For Your Freedom Of Speech?

Join Us And Let’s Change The World.



We’ll stay tuned to see if the hype matches the actual event. What is certain is this: Rose wants a million pairs of eyeballs watching him interview David Icke. Just how exactly watching this particular interview contributes to the ultimate cause of freedom against oppression in the pandemic escapes us at present. If the interview is intended to tell YouTube that it doesn’t have a monopoly on what can be broadcast on the internet, then we’ll watch the interview on that basis alone. If the interview ends with a fundraising appeal for the independent media outlet Brian Rose wants to build then we’ll have our answer.

Below are the publicly available Rose-Cardone videos on London Real; these videos show how effectively Scientologist Cardone has penetrated the London Real platform and thereby gained Rose’s acquiescence, at least to date, to never ask the hard questions about Scientology. In Scientology terms, Cardone has covertly gained “PR Area Control” and “come to cause” over London Real. Brian Rose does not know that Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs long ago wrote a program for Grant Cardone to control Brian Rose in this way.

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  1. Excellent article, thank you. No doubt Brian Rose has reached a crossroads at London Real to walk with honor, or run with the wolves. Brian can no longer remain politely blind to the predators using his free speech platform for self aggrandizement and recruitment of equally blind followers. Indeed it seems we have all arrived at a pivotal moment in history to choose truth over deceit, kindness over hatred. To walk with honor starts now.. We will see.

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