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Scientologist Grant Cardone Admits to Walking Over the Backs of 140,000 Pandemic Dead to Get Himself Noticed

140,773 people have died in the global pandemic as of today’s reporting.

Even as New York has had to dig mass graves for its pandemic dead, Grant Cardone bizarrely, and laughingly, admitted in a video he posted today to having literally walked over the backs of the dead in order to get himself noticed amidst the continuing bad news about the Coronavirus.

Cardone said that his video about going bankrupt was a publicity stunt designed to raise himself above what he called “all the noise” about the global pandemic. Look at Cardone’s depraved psyche: He sees 140,773 deaths and a global pandemic as nothing more than “noise” that has taken the attention off himself. The staggering and uncontrolled narcissism of Grant Cardone is truly disturbing in its scope.

Cardone said he engaged in this atrocious publicity stunt to “control the narrative.” However, look at the danger Cardone has put himself into by his PR stunt: Cardone did a video in which he stated that rumors of Cardone Capital’s bankruptcy were true. This information was false, Cardone knew it was false, and yet he released the video on one of his own social media accounts and thereby represented it as true. What kind of CEO would play this sort of emotionally cruel trick on his own investors?  Indeed, Cardone’s investors had already been jarred by his announcement that Cardone Capital was suspending distributions for three months. Cardone’s fake bankruptcy announcement video could have easily caused panicked investors to believe Cardone Capital was going bankrupt and they had lost all of their investments in the midst of a pandemic.

The death toll is climbing from COVID-19 and the world’s healthcare professionals are literally risking their lives everyday — and yet all this stupendous jackass Grant Cardone cares about is that he is not getting any attention.

In today’s video admitting his PR stunt, Grant Cardone quickly dropped Kevin Hart’s name to let people know he has famous celebrity friends. This is horrendous. Cardone engaged in a horribly deranged publicity stunt and then dragged Kevin Hart’s name into it. We have reached out to Kevin Hart’s management about Cardone’s callous misuse of Mr. Hart’s good name.

In our view, no one should invest money with, or loan money to, this degraded being named Grant Cardone. This depraved man just cheapened the deaths of 140,773 people and the grief of their families to get himself noticed. This shows just how low Grant Cardone will go.

The COVID-19 Update as today, April 16, 2020

Following the Paris Terror Attacks in which 130 Parisians were murdered, Scientology leader David Miscavige wanted photo ops. Accordingly, Miscavige ordered Scientology’s Volunteer Ministers to distribute Scientology literature on the streets of Paris. As expected, Scientology demanded donations from its members to pay for the travel and literature expenses of its publicity-seeking Volunteer Ministers.

Captain David Miscavige in his Scientology War Room

There is no humanitarian impulse whatsoever in any part of the Church of Scientology or, as has now been shown,  Cardone Capital. Both are soulless moneymaking schemes led by a pair of Scientology narcissists named David Miscavige and Grant Cardone.

Perhaps the most cynical and phony of all Scientology front groups, the “Volunteer Ministers” program was ostensibly created to be Scientology’s version of the Red Cross, i.e. a disaster relief organization. In actuality, the Volunteer Ministers (VM’s) program is simply another profit center for the Scientology moneymaking scam.

When 911 occurred, Scientology VM’s walked over the backs of the dead to get PR photos for use in raising money. In one particularly offensive PR photo used in for fundraising, the Church of Scientology faded the real 911 first responders into nondescript black and white figures while colorizing one of its Volunteer Ministers in his distinctive yellow jacket:


Within hours of the Virginia Tech mass shooting in 2007, the VM’s, once again, walked over the backs of the dead to pitch a tent in order to get photo ops and raise money.


Scientology’s Volunteer Minister’s tent was set up on the Virginia Tech campus within hours of the mass shooting.

The bodies of the Virginia Tech dead hadn’t even been moved as the campus was a crime scene under intense investigation. But the VM’s were there like vultures taking PR photos. The VM’s were already asking for money.

This same craven pattern of Scientology Volunteer Minister disaster capitalism occurred with the great earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, the great Indonesian tsunami, and every other mass murder, natural disaster, terrorist attack, and even celebrity deaths since 2001. And now Scientologist Grant Cardone has engaged in the same predatory publicity-seeking by walking over the backs of the dead in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. I am particularly disgusted with the cult’s misrepresentation of Volunteer Ministers as “first responders.” A first responder is someone who runs INTO a burning building or someone who does their best with limited equipment to keep a mangled body alive at an accident scene. It is a gross and narcissistic insult to brave, sacrificial first responders doing the work that few of us would ever be capable of or willing to do to liken lollygagging, mugging for photos and fundraising–at comfortable remove from the actual event–as “first response.”

    But the VM scam does NOT go unnoticed:

  2. I wonder how many of Grant’s banks and investors found this stunt amusing. After all, it’s NOT Grant’s money that’s on the line!

  3. B.T.C., Grant Cardone suspended distributions to his investors. Thereafter, he did a video in which he stated that rumors of Cardone Capital’s bankruptcy were true. This information was fraudulent, Cardone knew it was fraudulent, and he certainly appears to have participated in an operation to cause fraudulent information about Cardone Capital to be released. It was on his Twitter account after all.

    Cardone’s follow up video in which he said the fraudulent video was part of a strategy to get him attention shows he had knowledge that he made the fraudulent video for the purposes of seeing it released online. Such reckless behavior on the part of a corporate officer with fiduciary responsibility to 3,200 investors and one billion dollars in debt to lenders raises serious questions about his judgment.

    Elon Musk was harshly disciplined and fined by the SEC for tweets that contained false information:

  4. Jeffrey: Good point. His stunt DOES indeed introduce the element of fraud into the mix. Perhaps he should have run his self-promotion (it certainly did nothing to promote his product) gimmick past his lawyers. As I said before, investors would be well advised to save these videos. They will play well in front of a jury.

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