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Creepy Scientology Pervert Ed Parkin Uses a Young Girl in His Ongoing Social Media Fraud

Above: Stefani Hutchison caught pathological Scientology social media fraudster Ed Parkin at it again: He is using yet another  stock photo on Twitter to pretend the person shown is a Scientologist.

This time, however, Ed Parkin has crossed the line and used the stock photo image of a young girl. Commenters on Twitter have found this to be creepy and perverted: Why would Ed Parkin choose a stock photo image of a young girl? How much time did Ed spending searching through stock photos of young girls? Is that what Scientology pays him to do?

Ed Parkin used another little girl in another one of his tweets. As noted in our comments section:

The little girl is from a village in Russia and originally appeared on the “Atlas of Humanity” website.

The image of this girl was also shown in a website called PopSugar and is shown on a UK website:

In Ed Parkin’s last social media fraud he used a photo of the nude model Lana Brooke. We covered this on a recent blog post.

Ed Parkin seems sick and obsessed: Nude models and now little girls.

What’s next Ed Parkin? Little boys? Where are you headed with this Ed?

David Miscavige spent $100 million on the failed Scientology TV Network. This failure leaves Ed Parkin to fight David Miscavige’s battles for him. And what does Ed Parkin post on Twitter but sick and twisted stuff that is full of lies?

Is it time for Miscavige to offload Ed Parkin? We think so. He is a liability.

As for Ed Parkin’s tweet, the factory of lies is Ed Parkin and his fellow liars and sleazebags who work in Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs.

Scientology Sleaze Master Ed Parkin:

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  1. The little girl is from a village in Russia and originally appeared on the “Atlas of Humanity” website. She wouldn’t have a clue about Scientology, much less supporting their cause. Ed Parkin is showing us a perv side of his nature here. It is outrageous what he’s done.

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