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Scientologist Grant Cardone in Dubai

Grant Cardone’s pilot and business associate Ryan Tseko tweeted that Cardone Capital are in Dubai on business. Cardone and Tseko are doing the American tourist thing of riding camels and wearing desert headgear. The photo looks like a cheesy buddy road trip movie.

Why Dubai?

This raises questions about Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson’s business ventures in Dubai with his fellow Scientologists Adnan Rahman and Hikman Rahman at their company AmeriBest International:

Scientologist Eric Moore (blue suit) of Brandywine is shown on the AmeriBest International website along with John Travolta:

What is going on with American Scientologists in Dubai? We have some thoughts for another time.

A press release states that Cardone wants to offer his sales training program in countries around the world. Using L. Ron Hubbard’s exaggerated PR approach, Cardone claims millions of people globally are clamoring for his sales training program.

Never one for modesty, Cardone has a paid ad on Google in which he claims to be the greatest living sales expert:

Grant Cardone has found his inner L. Ron Hubbard and is now promoting himself as the greatest living sales expert apropos of what? Using Reg D and Reg A money to buy apartment buildings that are 80% leveraged? Bitch please. Jeff Bezos dropped $13.7 billion in cash last year to buy Whole Foods. Now that’s a deal.

Fact: Amazon cash on hand for the quarter ending March 31, 2019 was $37.020B, a 48.3% increase year-over-year. For the first quarter of 2019 Apple reported $245 billion in cash on hand. That’s big money. Grant lacks context and sees himself as what? As the money messiah to his fanboys?

Get real Cardone.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon pulls in $1.5 billion in one week. And Amazon stock has massively outperformed your apartment buildings. Nevertheless, Grant, good luck in Asia, the Emirates, and wherever else the masses are clamoring for your greatest ever sales expertise in the history of the world. We’ll stick with our highly liquid tech stocks like Amazon. We don’t like your illiquid deal of locking up our money for 7-10 years with you on apartments on a 65/35 split on profit where you take 35%. That’s something only an amateur would do; which explains your recent Reg A fundraiser.

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  1. Grant Cardone is so arrogant he makes my stomach turn! I don’t see how people can stand him. I think he’s a despicable human being.

  2. Does he really believe lrh tech is the reason for his success? It’s hard to believe he credits anyone but himself. There’s better business models than lrh. I don’t get it.

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